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Guess we have come a full circle bypassing the end of the world

History in Grade 3 was about the medieval era. The world had emerged from the dark ages and were just stabilizing as a civilization. This was the early middle ages that gave us the societal pyramidal structure where the priests occupied the apex. The public, who were essentially an illiterate mass were controlled by the religious bodies. Any natural calamity (from floods, to famine) on which the humans had no control were stamped as God‘s wrath and sacrifices were demanded to appease HIM. Ofcourse in that era, sacrifices were in kind.

All these ‘sacrifices’ ensured a constant flow of daily needs into the temples and these messengers of God lived a comfortable life without really working for it and enjoyed the power over the mass.

Over the centuries, people became smarter, realized their folly in putting their faith and trust on these opportunists and there was a drastic shift in the structure of the society. The top position which was for all these years was occupied by the messengers of God were taken over by kings and the power changed hands. This was the foundation of the modern world as we know today.

In the modern world, for the longest time, America was hailed as THE country. The rest of the world looked up to it, partly in fear and party in awe. And today, in that same America, which is now just a shimmering shadow of its once glorious past, I hear/read of messengers of God talking about His wrath and how we need to appease Him ( Westboro Baptist Church ), Michele Bachmann ( who said God wanted her to run for presidency ); a quote now taken by Rick Santorum ( either they misinterpreted His orders or God is really getting old and has amnesia, so forgot He had already asked Bachmann to run for president and now asking Santorum ). National Organization for Marriage ( NOM ) asking for donations..( read as sacrifices ) to restore marriage as GOD wanted it to be. The latest being Pat Robertson who claimed the tornadoes to hit Indiana could have been avoided with prayers.

So it looks like we have (or atleast America has ) gone back to the middle ages and the pyramidal structure is once again changing where the apex is in the verge of getting reclaimed by the men of God. I always thought this was bound to happen once this world is destroyed at the end of this year and we start all over again with the dawn of civilization.

But by the looks of it, America has bypassed the destruction of the world bit and the stone age and directly jumped to the medieval era. And that makes me think, maybe that’s what Mayan calendar meant when it predicted that 2012 is going to be the end of the world ( or the world as we know it now). It has all of a sudden started to make sense.


WB Church to picket fag marriages

Westboro Baptist Church’s schedule of picketing on the 24th at the ‘Fag Marriages’ across NY. The above listing taken from Joe.My.God blog.

How desperately the psychos are fighting a losing battle. Really sad and at the same time funny and source of  free comic relief and entertainment.

Anyone in NY want to see the faces of losers first hand? The itinerary is right here.

Westboro Baptist Church… a group of twisted minds

A tiny church in some godforsaken town in the States will picket the funeral of Elizabeth Taylor, the same way they have done at number of other funerals.

Check out the details from the blog post of The New Civil Rights Movement

The Westboro Baptist Church has nothing better to do than spit venom against gays. They are a family of crazy people who get off on talking about gay sex. Fred Phelps uses the idea and talk of gay people and gay sex as Viagra. The women get wet between their legs just thinking about 2 hard penises together and the men get hard and get off by just thinking about two male bodies in sexual embrace.

If you see the pic in the link, one of the posters they are holding has a pic of one man bending over and the other standing behind with an erection. That’s how much they like gay sex.

I love it. The more I see, what a bunch of idiots that group is, the more I can’t help but laugh. They remind me of the tiny dogs, who can do nothing but bark like crazy and think they are a hound or something.

So they would picket Liz’s funeral… I say go for it. Let the world see what a bunch of douche bag they are.

RIP Liz Taylor.

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