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Michele Bachmann: Same-Sex couples with kids are not a family

The above video speaks for itself.

Ms. Michael Bachmann’s stand on LGBT people can be categorized as follows

1. A same-sex couple with kids is not a family.

2. Anyone who doesn’t share the same views as her’s, would never get a job in her cabinet.

3. Same sex attraction is part of Satan. (BUT SHE IS NOT JUDGING.)

The way she keeps repeating that one line, “I am running for the presidency of the United States” reminds me of a talking parrot who have been taught just that one line. The way she stutters and stumbles everytime she is challenged on her views also reminds me of a stubborn child who has done something terribly wrong but doesn’t want to back down and hopes saying something over and over would somehow make her wrong right.

She ascribes honour and dignity to everyone. So calling someone “Part of Satan” is really very honourable.

She has also stated that she would be reinstating DADT if she becomes president.

Who is her adviser? Who tells her what to say when she is being interviewed? Does he/she even realise how utterly stupid and juvenile it sounds when everytime she gets stumped, she says the samething like a robot?

Except FOX, no other media outlet looks kindly  to her stance on LGBT issues and as time draws near to the actual election, she is going to be ripped apart if she keeps giving interviews like this.


DOMA’s wrath is likely to destroy another family

Bradford Wells and Anthony John Makk have been legally married for 7 years. Although the state of Massachusetts acknowledges the marriage, the federal government does not. As a result, in spite of being married and having been together for 19 years, Anthony faces deportation to his native country Australia in a couple of weeks.

Apart from the obvious repercussions that they will have to face if Anthony is deported, there is  another very crucial aspect they will have to deal with… and that is Bradford’s advanced AIDS condition. Anthony is the sole caregiver and if he is deported, Brad is going to lose his caregiver and he has no idea how he would go about with his daily life without help.

President Obama has already declared Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) as unconstitutional and stated, his administration will not defend its constitutionality in court cases.   But till DOMA is repealed, it stays in effect and on the basis of the law, none of the same-sex marriages across the country are recognized by the federal government.

So Bradford’s love, affection, commitment to his partner has no value in the eyes of his country’s government just because the partner happens to be a man.

Breaking: New York Attorney General Challenges DOMA

New York State attorney general Mr. Eric Schneiderman filed a legal brief today (Tuesday) where he challenged the constitutionality of DOMA.

This action comes promptly after New York signed Marriage Equality into law and hundreds of same-sex couples rode the first wave of exhilaration from the victory and tied the knot on Sunday.

Although this was a huge step forward towards equality for LGBT people, it was still not total equality. Even if same-sex couples can marry and the state would honour the nuptial, federal government still doesn’t and wouldn’t recognize it. A same-sex couple married in New York would not be recognized in New Jersey. As a result many benefits available to heterosexual couples from the federal government are still beyond reach of same-sex couple. We are close but not close enough.

President Obama has already declared DOMA unconstitutional and instructed the justice department to stop defending the Defense of Marriage Act and has called for the law’s repeal.

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