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“Kill The Gays” Bill reintroduced in Uganda

Here we go again…Uganda’s anti-homosexuality bill a.k.a “Kill The Gays” bill which was first introduced by Ugandan MP David Bahati in 2009 went in the back burner when the parliament was adjourned last May without deciding the fate of the bill, has now been re-introduced this Tuesday in the parliament.

Among other inhuman punishments against LGBT people in the country, the most controversial was the death penalty for active homosexuals living with HIV or in cases of same-sex rape. If people continue to have homosexual sex, which is termed in the bill as “Serial Offenders”, would face death penalty too.

The bill would also put people behind bars irrespective of gay or straight, for up to three years if they fail to report within 24 hours the identities of anyone they know who is LGBT, or who supports the human rights of people who are.

The bill has been strongly critisized by other leading nations including US and after the huge condemnation from the rest of the world and LGBT and human rights activists, Bahati informed the death penalty clause has been dropped from the original bill. Although an amended bill has not been published.

In support of the bill Bahati said, it will help protect the children of his country who are apparently in danger from the gays.


To support or not to support; That is the question for Britain

Uganda with its infamous anti-gay policies is accusing Britain for bullying them after the British Prime Minister announced that his country would freeze all financial aid to countries that treat their LGBT citizens unfairly.

An official from Uganda told BBC that the country is “tired of these lectures” and they should be allowed to follow the words of God and continue their brutality on their LGBT citizens with no retribution.

A synopsis of financial aid to Uganda last year

In 2010, US aid to Uganda went to:

$384 million  Global Health and Child Survival
$71 million  Development Assistance
$25 million  Food Aid
$1.5 million  Int’l Narcotics Control and Law Enforcement
$0.6 million  International Military Education and Training
$0.3 million  Foreign Military Financing

Britain would have spend equal amount if not more on foreign aid too. Its not hard to see why they would want to redirect this whopping amount of money to something more useful than help a country which is ignorant, unjust, stubborn and going down the path of self destruction.

But there is an apparent problem in drying up the aid. Human Rights activists from Ghana and Nigeria have stated that they believe if the financial aids are stopped, there would be sever repercussions on the already threatened LGBT citizens. They would be blamed by the government for the under development and the rate of violence might increase.

If we for a minute believe that this could be the outcome, for how long would the government blame the gays? We are not talking about a month or two months of non-funding. It would be permanent or till they mend their ways. A time will come when the government officials would have to give in and change their policies, because by just torturing the gays will not get them money. Or they can put their trust on God and wait for HIM to provide with what they need. I am sure they have that much of faith in their God and religion. For after all they are following the words of God so help should come from HIM.

So what do we have in hand. Either let them follow the words of GOD and criminalize and murder gays and continue funding them with hundreds of millions of dollars and pounds, or cut all aid and still see them do the same things what they are doing now with maybe a little bit more vengeance. To be noted, these are assumptions on the part of the LGBT activists and we have no way of knowing for sure if that’s exactly what will happen.

There is a flip side to stopping the financial aid apart from just the assumption of the Human Rights activists. Drying of aids would stunt the educational growth of the general population. With less education, the closed minded beliefs and dependency on the WORDS OF GOD and BIBLE would continue. The Christian Missionaries would continue their vacation trips to these countries and preach intolerance and hate. Education and broadminded approach can only counter attack this insurgence.

So now the UN is in limbo. To support or not to support that is the question. I say stop all aid to these countries. But its easy for me to say this living in a 1st world country. But first and foremost government from every country need to stop all funding of christian organizations. That’s primary. And then deal with the rest and it would be easier.

Witch Linda Harvey’s empty threat to sue Truth Wins Out and their response

This was Harvey’s tweet in response to an article posted by Wayne Besen, the executive director of Truth Wins Out where he points out the witch supporting the ‘Kill The Gays Bill‘ of Uganda. I should mention, she is the President of Mission America. Do we see a pattern here?

Here is her exact words and deduce yourself whether she is advocating this shameful bill or not. Its worth noting that she is famous for her anti-gay views and I have recently posted about her urging parents not to let LGBT medical practitioners treat their kids as according to her, that might turn the kids gay.  You can read the details in this post.

“The fact they are re-criminalizing homosexuality is (a) their business, (b) it is patronizing for white Westerners to be telling these folks — they are seeing George Soros funded gay groups going into Uganda. They are all through the schools, lots of promotion to kids. Poor kids, poor kids are being offered money and favors and gifts to have sex. That’s exploitation. That’s sex trafficking. And it’s being done mostly homosexually. By Western homosexuals coming in and trying to get involved in Uganda.”

In response to the tweety threat, ‘We’d Be Delighted to Expose Her Bigotry in a Court of Law and the Court of Public Opinion,’ writes Wayne Besen   “Bring it on. We hope that such a case would be aired on television so we can expose Harvey’s vile words in a court of law and in the court of public opinion. It’s bizarre that Harvey is upset because we quoted her verbatim, which tells me that on some level she is ashamed of her own hateful rhetoric.”

Notable here, that although she didn’t say in so many words that she wants all gays killed, she did admit at a meeting in Michigan last year that she and Scott Lively worked on that anti-gay bill. We all know what the bill proposes to do if it gets approved. Put gays in prison or murdered by the state for “aggravated homosexuality” which means gays having sex on more than one occasion.

To me, that means she favours killing gays through capital punishment.

ONTARIO election campaign riding high on homophobia

Ontario PCs latest flyer just days before the election hits the gay community below the belt.

Politics is always dirty, full of lies, eye wash, cover up and false hopes and promises. But this is absolutely disgraceful, tasteless and downright spiteful. Playing on parental emotions, this below flyer may not fly high on its goal achievement, nonetheless the desperation of Tim Hudak is evident. But just not alienating the entire LGBT community but also using them for such a vile campaign… makes me wonder how smart a move is it.

But again, Rob Ford won inspite of his blatant homophobia. His win may have actually made others realize that to win an election, they don’t need the votes of the queer community. And if that’s true, its very disturbing indeed. Partly we are to be blame too. Most of us don’t care to vote. So people like Ford win uncontested. From Toronto’s angle, it will be interesting to see how homophobic leaders in 3 levels will affect our lives.

We already have Ford as mayor. God forbid if we get someone like Hudak as premier and then we already have Harper sitting on the throne. We might as well pack our backs and claim refugee status in Uganda.

A few months back, I think during one of the council elections, one of the candidates came knocking at my door and handed in his flyer and asked me to consider him when voting. I wish Hudak would do that too. But I don’t think he will dare to go door door with that flyer specially in the gay village and neighbourhood.

GHANA: Uganda inspired ?

I have been thinking whether I really want to write about GHANA’s preposterous measure to smoke the gays out and arrest them.

Somewhere, it doesn’t make sense to me. After all that happened in Uganda, it seems really unlikely that another state would go ahead and publicly announce the same thing. Knowing clearly well what the aftermath will be specially now that UN has allowed admission of  International Gay and Lesbian Association (IGLA) as an NGO.

Does the term any publicity is good publicity apply for countries too?

The motion is Western Region Minister Paul Aidoo’s brain child. Although its still not clear what he proposes to do once the gays are arrested. Needless to say his moved is strongly supported and backed by the Christian Council of Ghana.

It would be interesting to see how this plays out. And if they really follow through with this, how the state plans to survive if all aids are withheld by UN as a result of this atrocity.

Let Alvaro ( illegal immigrant ) Stay…. !!!!

What I am going to write here, would raise a lot of eyebrows, I am sure. But again, maybe not, because I don’t think too many people read my blog anyway.

I will copy paste Alvaro’s history or bio here from the facebook page made in the hope that we can pressurize the immigration department from releasing him.
Alvaro first rose to national prominence in 2007 when his refugee claim was denied on the basis that he did not look “gay enough” for the adjudicator hearing his case via a television screen in Calgary.

This story was picked up by the largest newspapers in Nicaragua, effectively “outing” him to the entire country he left at age 12 due to severe physical abuse by a father who threatened to “kill any child of his that was homosexual.”

Alvaro, now 25, is still waiting for a decision on his Humanitarian and Compassionate (H&C) application.

Friends and supporters of Alvaro are meeting to move quickly to stay his deportation. It is critical that we keep this strong voice in our community.

Alvaro’s Accomplishments & Exhibits

– Volunteer/Mentor with Supporting Our Youth (SOY)
– Mayworks Festival, Toronto, 2011
– Toronto Youth Cabinet, 2010 Identify & Impact Awards, Street-Level Advocate Award Winner
– Migrant Expressions Photography Exhibition, Montreal, 2009
– Under the Bridge Art Exhibition, Toronto, 2009
Jumblies Theatre, Prop-Maker and Photographer, Toronto, 2009
– Refugee Rights Day, Toronto City Hall, Toronto, 2008
– ArtWherk Collective 2007, Pride Art Exhibition, Toronto,

Very impressive portfolio, I must say. I ‘Liked’ the page. Added my voice to the cause too.

But then it made me think on the facts in his case. I admit, in a conservative country like Nicaragua, if he is forced to return, it would be a disaster. But there is a small factor which some how most of the people seem to not notice or is deliberately ignoring. Alvaro first went to the States and from there came to Canada. In both the cases, his status was illegal. And homeland security took him to custody. I don’t see any wrong in this.

I am sure, tons of other men and women are there in Nicaragua who are right at this time, going through a lot of discrimination, oppression, torture on the basis of their sexual orientation. Their troubles are no lesser than Alvaro’s. They couldn’t do what Alvaro did, live in a country illegally. They are there in the thick of it, taking the brunt and dealing with it, the best way they can. THEY are the heroes. And Alvaro is the escapist. The weaker one. And for some reason, we are making him the HERO.

When his immigration plea was denied, it was covered by Nicaragua’s leading newspaper and thus he was ‘outed’. Tomorrow, if he is allowed to stay in Canada, that could be covered by the newspapers too. And what message would we be sending to the country? “If you can just manage to land in Canada, even if illegally, we will rally against the government and pressurize them to make you stay.”

If he didn’t have such a remarkable bio-data, and was instead just a gay illegal immigrant, would we have still given our support? Maybe, God forbid, if the “Kill The Gays” bill becomes law in Uganda, they can and should just land in Canada too, and we will back them up.

Am I being too heartless, mean, etc etc? I don’t know. All I am asking is, why, just because Alvaro had the guts to stay in a country illegally and the others didn’t, couldn’t or wouldn’t do it, should he be almost awarded for this act?

Every illegal immigrant has a reason to leave their country and come here. How do we judge, Alvaro’s reason is more important or serious than the others. Why should we judge? Isn’t that discrimination? Shouldn’t there be the same rule for everybody?

I sincerely hope, Alvaro gets to stay. But these questions were bothering me for a few days now. The way I look at it, this is not about being gay, this is about the country’s security.

Uganda..”Kill The Gays” bill.. Please sign

This is my 3rd post on Uganda. The last one was in November.

This atrocious bill has been swinging like a pendulum  since its conception from being almost making into a law, to being scraped to again revived and considered to be put into law.

Along with this, we have been subjected to a roller coaster emotional ride. We were shocked when this was first proposed, then started breathing a tad bit freely when the death penalty was said to have been removed. Then we heaved a big sigh of relief when it was declared that the bill has been scraped for good.

Now it is back and maybe by this weekend it would be signed as a law, with the death penalty et. al.

When the religious groups claim that homosexuality is a lifestyle choice, and can be altered through therapy, it can safely be assumed that once this bill passes into law, there will be no gays in Uganda. Because who in the right mind would choose to be gay when there is a death penalty, if found out.

Amongst all the tortures and discriminations and killings, if there still are LGBT people in the Islamic countries and places like Uganda, does it not clearly say, that it’s not a choice. If that had been the case, the gays in these countries would have gladly chosen to be straight when the other option is death?

This reasoning seems pretty simple and rational to me… wonder why it doesn’t to all the religious fanatics and politicians across the globe.  Using once in a while the limited stock of grey cells that God has given you, is not a bad thing.

I just hope I would have to write just one more post on Uganda and may it be a positive one.

Below, I am posting a link… please go there and sign the petition. Your signature may just save a few lives.

Thank you for your co-operation.

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