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Insurgent: The Movie

The highly anticipated second installment of the Divergent series.
I had long figured out, if a movie is based on a novel, the only way to enjoy both is to watch the movie first and then read the book. I deviated from my own set rule and as a result found Insurgent a huge disappointment.

Comparison between the book and the movie is inevitable. Insurgent as a book had two very strong plot lines running parallel to each other and at times crossing over. Relationship and action, both an integral part of the story.

Insurgent as a movie showcased only the action, not realizing, the actions a lot of times were a direct result of the relationship turmoil the characters were having with each other. The relationships were volatile, changing, shifting, disintegrating, and solidifying and hence affecting the character’s decision to run, fight, betray, take revenge, kill or forgive. The most important was the relationship between Four and his abusive, cruel, power hungry father Marcus. This was the backbone of Insurgent and got a screentime of a whole 30 seconds. As a result, the movie seemed choppy, disjointed and one dimensional.

But if the movie is seen as an individual entity, it has it’s moments of glory albeit only in its special effects.
Shailene and Theo would have had a lot of chance to show their acting prowess if the movie had stuck to the books. But instead they were reduced to just the medium around whom the special effects were created.

Octavia Spencer as Johanna was a very wrong choice. In the book Johanna is a tall, white, slim woman, with a scar running from her eyebrow to her lips rendering her blind in one eye. Octavia is short, plump and black with no scar or blindness. Naomi Watts looked the part but had not much to do. The only one who came out a winner was Kate.

I am aware I have ruined Allegient for me too when that comes out.


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