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NC pastor Sean Harris urges parents to punch and beat up their kids at the first sign of gay mannerisms

Sean Harris, the Senior Pastor of Berean Baptist Church in Fayetteville, N.C., during his “Marriage Sunday” service ( a campaign to urge people to vote for Amendment 1, which will bring a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage ) was heard urging fathers to crack the limp wrists of their boys the moment they start showing any signs of being homosexual.

In his exact words, “Dads, the second you see your son dropping the limp wrist, you walk over there and crack that wrist. Man up. Give him a good punch. Ok?” said Harris, adding, “And when your daughter starts acting too butch, you reign her in.”

How sad and pathetic is the fact that Harris is a christian or a follower of Christ who himself was love and compassion personified, the biggest example for self sacrifice for people in general, not specially for heterosexuals.

The issue goes in front of the North Carolina voters on May 8.


Brian Brown on MSNBC this morning confident that Same-Sex Marriage would be a thing of past in New Hampshire

Brian Brown, President of National Organization for Marriage came on MSNBC this morning to talk about same-sex marriage in New Hampshire being set to be repealed. He is joined by Craig Stowell, co-chair of Stand Up For New Hampshire Families.

Brian is 100% confident about the outcome and says, “I expect we are going to have a majority here. It would be historic to have a state vote and have a majority vote to say ‘this was wrong, we made a tragic mistake 2 years ago and we are gonna right that wrong and I expect to see a victory today.”

But what really happened in the House Of Representatives… we all know now.  The Bill was defeated and same-sex marriage remains legal in the Granite State. The Republican dominated house rubbed Brian’s face raw against the granite of the Granite State.

Two HUGE victory for the LGBT community and Two HUGE defeats for NOM

Its been a great day for the LGBT community today. We had two victories in one day and when the victories are against National Organization for Marriage (NOM), it tastes even more sweet.

No. 1 and the most important: BILL HB437 which was introduced in New Hampshire to repeal the Same-Sex Marriage law was killed by the republican lead House of Representatives by a whopping 211-116 votes. This is a huge blow for NOM and an incredible but a shocking victory for us considering the House of Representatives in NH is totally GOP dominated.

The 2nd defeat for National Organization for Marriage was when the Director of corporate Fairness Project for NOM Mr. Jonathan Baker asked the CEO of STARBUCKS Mr. Howard Shultz about their declaration to support Same-Sex Marriage.  Mr. Shultz’s response?

“Any decision of this type or magnitude has to be made with great thoughtfulness and I would assure you that a senior team at Starbucks discussed this.  To be very candid with you, this was not something that was a difficult decision for us and we did share this with the board as well…. We made that decision, in our view, through the lens of humanity and being the kind of company that embraces diversity.”  And the auditorium full of stock holders burst into a deafening applause.

Needless to say… NOM is not happy with this answer and has already started to plan its attack against STARBUCKS by designing a “Boycott Starbucks” website which will be launched soon asking people to pledge to boycott the company.

I am not a fan of STARBUCKS coffee, but I pledge to buy atleast 1 coffee every week from them from now on.


Kirk Cameron on CNN goes blah! blah! blah!

Kirk Cameron came on CNN at Piers Morgan Tonight and blah’ed about his view of same-sex marriage.

Those who didn’t know who he is, or had forgotten about him, he was the teen actor in ‘Growing Pains‘ and now a self proclaimed born again Christian. Surprise! Surprise!

By the way…when I hear about ‘born again Christians’, I feel the church is recycling their old patrons as no new ones are coming through their doors.

So this refurbished Christian tells Piers Morgan that ‘marriage is defined by God‘ ( I wish I had the hotline no. so that I could talk to HIM too) and the usual that homosexuality is’ unnatural’ and ‘destructive’ to mankind.

In his words on same-sex marriage, “Marriage is almost as old as dirt, and it was defined in the garden between Adam and Eve. One man, one woman for life till death do you part. So I would never attempt to try to redefine marriage. And I don’t think anyone else should either. So do I support the idea of gay marriage? No, I don’t.”

When Piers asked what he will do if one of his 6 kids comes up to him and says that he is gay, Cameron said he will not tell him that its ok with him as long as he is happy but will have a heart to heart talk and try to explain to him how wrong it is. But I am personally more curious what he will do AFTER the heart to heart talk doesn’t acquire the desired result? Exorcism? Ex-gay therapy? Or disowning? Paving the path of another suicide or giving the society another mentally disturbed, self hating young adult?

His general take on homosexuality, “I think that it’s – it’s – it’s unnatural. I think that it’s – it’s detrimental, and ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization.”

Why is this twat still on tv?

I had forgotten how annoying Michele Bachmann‘s voice was. Everytime I see her, she makes my skin crawl.

But gotta admit, Piers Morgan brings back these assholes and rips them apart. Love him for that.

Maggie Gallaghar : Cornered

When I saw Maggie Gallaghar, the first thing it reminded me was of a toad. Then when I heard her speak, it reminded me of a fable about a toad who lived in the bottom of a well for all its life and hence came to think that the well was the entire world. It didn’t and couldn’t comprehend a world beyond the high walls of it.

Like Brian Brown, who was called upon on FOX News ( watch it here) and bombarded with questions about his organization’s stance on same-sex marriage and made a fool of, Maggie went through a similar process but this time on MSNBC in “Up With Chris Hayes“. NOM’s entire foundation is built on lies and Maggie being the co-founder of National Organization for Marriage, its little surprising that all her arguments were false.

From denying advocating gay reparative therapy to trying to establish homosexuality as a pathological disfunction, her lies spread in every word that came out of her mouth.

But as I mentioned the similarity between her and that toad in the well, which goes beyond the physical likeness, is amazing. Add stupidity to that. By coming to these maga chanels time after time and making a fool of themselves, they are actually making it easy for the gay rights activists job to expose them, quite easy. Nothing can show their baseless, bigoted, hateful actions to the mass better than these talk shows which are watched by millions.

If they were smart enough, they would refuse to appear on tv. But their thirst for publicity is so great, they come again and again on national television and get ripped by the hosts. And as a result, what would have taken a lot of energy, hard work precious time and not to mention, man power  (to make the mass see through the false vail of NOM) is made easy. And what can be better than when its done by themselves.

I hope they keep on coming and make an ass of themselves, in her case a toad of herself and we will be just fine.

Maryland: 14 yr old wants NO on same-sex marriage as her birthday present

While the Maryland Senate Judiciary Committee heard testimony today from the advocates and opponates of same-sex marriage, one testimony of a 14 year old girl stands out. Sarah Crank testified opposing same-sex marriage. Her testimony:

“I really feel bad for the kids who have two parents of the same gender.”

“They have no idea what kind of wonderful experiences they miss out on.”

“People have the choice to be gay, but I don’t want to be affected by their choice. People say they were just born that way, but I’ve met really nice adults who did change.”

She added, “….would be the best birthday present ever if you would vote no on gay marriage.”

“It’s rather scary to think that when I grow up the legislature or the court can change the definition of any word they want,”

“If they could change the definition of marriage then they could change the definition of any word.”

It important to mention that Sarah is home schooled. So obviously what she said is the direct reflection of what kind of parents she has. No points for guessing they are Bible thumping bigots and they are doing a stupendous job of raising a bigoted bitch.

Wonder what kind of people she hangs out with where there are so many “reformed” LGBT people she has already met at such an early age? She has been brainwashed no doubt… I can’t wait for her to start college.

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