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Prince Harry at a GAY BAR …. (Scandalous)

So Prince Harry was at a Gay Bar in SOHO to celebrate a female friend’s Birthday.

The news made headlines in most of the newspapers. The word that kept popping up in most of those headlines was “SCANDALOUS”. Hence this blog.

The Royal Scandal, as it was put by most reporters left me a little perplexed.

Which part of the incident was scandalous? A Prince being at a gay bar or the state in which he was seen coming out of it?

If it is the latter, then yes, it is scandalous. Someone from the royal family should not be partying all night at a bar and get hammered, shirt hanging out, eyes all droopy, stumbling out or in other words totally shit faced.

There are some dos and don’ts when you are from the Royal family. You can’t be one of the rest. There should be some aristocracy, sophistication, decorum in your doings. Thats why you are ROYAL in the first place. There is an image that you need to uphold. You may not like it all the time, but you cannot just ignore it. This is a price you pay for all the other privileges that you get. We, normal people look up to you. You should be the one setting trends and be idols for the rest of the people. Its hard, I get it. But its what and who you are.

Roman Holiday…anyone?

But, for some reason, I felt, the scandal was not because of this. To every reporter, it felt like the scandal was not because he got SHIT FACED in a gay bar but because he got shit faced in a GAY BAR.

So what does that mean? Harry is a prince, so can’t be gay. Royal families don’t push out gay babies. And for some bizarre reason if one turns out to be gay, it should not come out in public, because that would be a huge scandal.

Everyone knows by now that Harry is a party animal. Of late even the tabloids stopped writing about his rowdy lifestyle. So why all of a sudden it became almost a Breaking News just because he went partying at a Gay Bar?

You talk about Royal scandal… Lady Diana‘s accident/death was a scandal. Prince Charles’ too soon marriage to Camilla was a scandal. Harry’s throwing every caution to wind and partying like crazy is a scandal but not because the venue was a Gay Bar.

So the double standards and hypocrisy of the media was appalling. News media should not be biased or prejudiced or narrow minded. But unfortunately thats not the case.

The fact is, me being gay, if I can party at a straight bar, then a straight man can go and party at a gay bar. Neither of the above should make headlines in a newspaper unless I leave with the Prince at the end of the night.

But that is another story….


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