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Bill introduced by Gov. O’Malley to legalize Same-sex marriage in Maryland

Monday evening Gov. Martin O’Malley introduced a bill which would legalize same-sex marriage if passed.

A similar bill was pushed through and failed last year at the House of Delegates. This time round, the language has been tweeked to explicitely exclude religious organizations and groups from having to perform a same-sex marriage if they are not inclined to.

To pass this bill, it needs 71 votes and last year it garnerd only 59. Here’s hoping the revised language will attract the required votes to pass the bill. Gov. O’Malley wants to follow the footsteps of Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York and lead a more aggressive campaign to legalize same-sex marriage in the 2012 legislative session.

If it does, then the State of Maryland would be the 8th state to allow same-sex marriage.


GOProud sinks even lower

The latest in GOProud‘s craziness is the joining of Ann Coulter in the advisory council as an Honourary Chair.

I had written a couple of weeks back when GOProud was planning to have a chat with Michele Bachmann and was ready to support and back her up in the Presidential campaign inspite of her staunch anti-gay mindset.

For details, you can click here.

Now its Ann Coulter with her history of racist, homophobic statements is the Honourary Chair.

Christopher Baron, the Chairman of GOProud apparently is going gaga over Ann. GOProud is not really interested in legalizing same-sex marriage or doing something productive to stop teenage bullying but is more interested in the tax reforms and other monetary privileges that Chris wants to enjoy with his “partner”. He apparently is quite content with having just a partner who may never become his husband and with DOMA still there, would not get any benefit from the Federal Government.

Its sad to see such self-centered, shrewd people among us whose only objective is to secure their financial side of their lives and the rest to them are not worthy fighting for. And to achieve what they have set out to achieve, if they have to sell out their fellow people, they would not think twice. As long as they get what they want, the rest of the LGBT community can get screwed, they couldn’t careless.

They are like that one black sheep of the family, whom you cannot get rid of because they are a part of the family and neither can you include as they are so toxic, they will poison everybody around them. Everytime you have to tell people that they are a part of the family, you cringe and hope they were never born.

Do we see a pattern here..perhaps?

DADT repeal failed

Its already old news that DADT repeal failed at the senate by 57-40. Harry Reid screwed it up big time.

How justifiable is it? So you get majority vote but still for some stupid reason there is a predetermined number of votes you need to get and you don’t get it, result,  the entire thing is struck down? I mean, seriously. Its a sweeping majority. Why 60?

It might look pretty lame and ignorant to most political junkies, me asking this. But to my defense, I do not follow politics. And after today it reinforced the fact that I have not missed much by not following politics.

Senators voted ‘maybe’. How could they. If you are so indecisive then you are not fit to be senators. In a voting of ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ you came up with a ‘Maybe’. It seems like these senators are playing with thousands of people’s emotions and sentiments. “Lets vote ‘Maybe’ and then sit back and watch the fun.” Thats pathetic.

At times I think, if we change our view point, maybe DADT won’t hurt that bad.

At this current situation, LGBT people cannot serve in the military openly. So what happens if all the LGBT people just stop enrolling? The entire US Military would be of straight guys and girls. At a time when the nation is at war with two countries, let all the straight people go and fight and kill themselves. All the gays, can safely stay cuddled up at home and watch reruns of Queer As Folk.

In other words, the US Government and Military wants the straights to fight for us and make our lives easy and secure. So that we can sleep in peace at night. Maybe thats a good thing. Its time they work for us.

Now thats comforting.

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