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Bill introduced by Gov. O’Malley to legalize Same-sex marriage in Maryland

Monday evening Gov. Martin O’Malley introduced a bill which would legalize same-sex marriage if passed.

A similar bill was pushed through and failed last year at the House of Delegates. This time round, the language has been tweeked to explicitely exclude religious organizations and groups from having to perform a same-sex marriage if they are not inclined to.

To pass this bill, it needs 71 votes and last year it garnerd only 59. Here’s hoping the revised language will attract the required votes to pass the bill. Gov. O’Malley wants to follow the footsteps of Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York and lead a more aggressive campaign to legalize same-sex marriage in the 2012 legislative session.

If it does, then the State of Maryland would be the 8th state to allow same-sex marriage.


Brian Brown laughed at in Fox interview

Brian Brown from National Organization for Marriage (NOM) appeared on Fox News yesterday to talk about why same-sex marriage does not measure up to marriage between opposite sex. He actually tweeted that he would be appearing in the show and was very proud of it. Little did he know what was in store for him.

His arguments did not convince the host. At one point when he talks about how marriage is true and good and beautiful and one can hear the distinct laughter coming from the audience. Maybe he should try a new course of argument and not always go down the beaten track of the “future of kids” argument.

I am really surprised a FOX Business News host was so evidently there to strike down every argument of Brian and apparently supporting David, the libertarian spokes person, considering Fox is famous for it anti-gay talk shows.

See and enjoy the video here. Thanks again for Joe.My.God. for providing it.

Stephen Bennett an ex-gay????

Stephen Bennett on Joy Behar show claimed that he used to be gay but chose to leave that life behind and is now straight with a wife and family.

He repeatedly said that homosexuality was not a choice. Atleast we will give him credit for that. He said when he was with men, he did not consciously choose to be with them. That’s how he felt and he acted on those feelings.

Now the really funny part. He decided at one point that being gay was self destructive for him so he chose to opt out of sleeping with men and started dating woman and eventually got married. So what he is saying in other words is, he didn’t choose to be gay but he definitely chose to be straight. As if that is possible.

Why not just admit that he is bi-sexual. He had his fun with men, then under societal pressure he at that time did the right thing, got married had kids. Now once his wife hit menopause if she hasn’t already, and her sexual drive declines, he will be looking for guys again. That’s how it works always.

I just hope his sake and his family’s sake, when he does start sleeping with guys again, he doesn’t get caught. He wouldn’t have had this problem if he had declared at the onset that he was bi-sexual. He has dug his own grave.

“The VIEW” on same-sex-marriage in NY

This I think was the first time I actually adored the women on THE VIEW.  I loved this particular segment on same-sex marriage and was very pleasantly surprised on Elizabeth Hasselbeck‘s view on the issue, after the little verbal cat fight that happened with Kathy Griffin, although it was sometime back.

It is a surprise for me because as I said, I am not a big fan of  THE VIEW and so I hardly ever watch it. She must have evolved over the years. But anyway… the best part was Whoopi Goldberg. I almost bent double laughing at the end. She is just too comical and adorable.

Watch it and enjoy….

Big day in NY and why it isn’t enough for me

Congratulations to all the couples who have and are getting married today in New York.  Today, with same-sex marriage being a reality, it ushers an era of equality in one of the most populated cities in America.

But in the face of this huge victory, I am thankful that I don’t live in NY. Contrary to the arguments of the Same-sex marriage proponents, and the modified laws that actually paved the way to the legalization of same-sex-marriage today,I am unsatisfied.

For me, wedding is not about a piece of paper, or government recognition. These came way later. Just one generation back, in my parents time, one didn’t need to register their marriage.

There is a reason why in every culture when someone gets married, there is the custom of inviting so many people on the wedding day. In older times, an entire village would be invited to the wedding. Although the celebration of a joyous occasion with friends and family is one of the reason, the main reason why this custom exists is to have witnesses of the wedding. They are the living proof of the ceremony. Today the proof is a piece of paper.

Honestly I don’t care. I don’t care if the government recognizes my love for my partner or not. I don’t care if I can share my mortgage of my house with my partner or not. Every child fantasizes about their wedding. Men and women in different ways but its a big day for both the sexes.  I have fantasized about my wedding too since I was a kid. Maybe not a same-sex wedding, but nonetheless.

Today walking into a registrars office and signing a piece of paper was never my dream wedding ever. For me, it would be my dream wedding when I can walk down the isle, stand in front of God and say I DO. Because my commitment to my partner is not political, or financial, its spiritual and holy. People present in my wedding would add to the joyous occasion but I want God to be the witness of my vows.

So when they legalized same-sex marriage in New York by modifying the law and exempting all religious organization, I wasn’t thrilled. Because I don’t want to get married to reap all the benefits while filing my taxes, and buying houses and in medicare.That is a bonus. And yes that’s  important too. But for me, if it was not legal to get married, I would be happy to get one pastor who would agree to marry a same-sex couple and if not in a church, maybe in my backyard with my friends and family.

But I live in Canada, so if I ever want, I can realize my childhood dream of getting married in a church, walk down the isle and stand on the pulpit and say I do. And when the minister says ” I bind you in HOLY matrimony”,  it would really be holy and I will seal my vow with a kiss.

WB Church to picket fag marriages

Westboro Baptist Church’s schedule of picketing on the 24th at the ‘Fag Marriages’ across NY. The above listing taken from Joe.My.God blog.

How desperately the psychos are fighting a losing battle. Really sad and at the same time funny and source of  free comic relief and entertainment.

Anyone in NY want to see the faces of losers first hand? The itinerary is right here.

Marriage Equality for Same Sex Couples in New York

Its a great day for us. Its a history in the making. New York senate voted 33-29 in favour of Marriage Equality for New Yorkers. Its time to rejoice and to thank the people behind this, whose tireless effort made this happen.

National Organization for Marriage (NOM) lost. We won. I hoped and prayed so hard for them to lose. My prayers have been answered. Their baseless, pointless, unscientific and irrational arguments held little water.

The hero tonight is hands down Sen. Grisanti.  “I cannot deny people across this state the same rights that I have with my wife”. “I cannot legally come up with an argument against same-sex marriage.” And with these statements, today he chose to vote YES and stood in the right side of history. Thank you very very much.

NOM said, he betrayed them, sold himself out. Only if they knew, evolving, doing the right thing, accepting mistakes and correcting them, is not betrayal. Its innate human quality.

So, to all my LGBT friends across the border, ‘today is your day. So rejoice! Its a victory well deserved. We join you in your celebration.’

Today maybe we can even go back to the age old context of the word ‘GAY‘, which once meant, being happy, cheerful, carefree. So today we are literally HAPPY and GAY.


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