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Mumbai Court gives green light for sex reassignment surgery

Bombay High Court gave permission to 21 years old Bidhan Barua to go through sex reassignment surgery.

Mr. Barua always felt he was a woman trapped in a man’s body. Loved wearing female clothes when he was young and as a result got reprimanded, beaten up by his family. In grade 8, he learnt about sex reassignment surgery and how much it will cost. He started doing odd jobs after school to save money for the surgery.

The incidence that solidified his resolve to go through it, is the psychiatric test that he took in Guwahati to access whether he was fit to go through the surgery and he passed.  After that he ran away from home and came to Mumbai and started living with his cousin.

He was initially supposed to get the surgery on the 17th of April but found his bank account blocked by his parents who even threatened the doctors if they went ahead with it. He had left his job in preparation for the surgery and now his bank account being blocked he was almost broke. He informed the judge that due to this he has no money to pay for a lawyer. The judge told him that if needed, the court will appoint an amicus curie to help him out.

In his petition, Bidhan ( who likes to go by the female name Swati) informed the Chief Justice of India, Chief Justice of Bombay High Court and National Human Rights Commission urging them to step in and give a ruling in his favour or he will commit suicide. Further in his letters he wrote, “For the last two weeks, I am running from door to door seeking justice but the court does not have time to hear me. I do not have any money for my food, lodging. So I am finally requesting the court to pass an immediate order against my family or grant me an order for an authorised suicide.”

“I will kill myself if I do not get an order for my surgery by this evening. For my suicide, the Chief Justice of the Bombay High Court will be responsible”, and he signed it.

This decision comes soon after the court last Thursday warned Bidhan from using pressure tactics and threatening to commit suicide to push his case swiftly through the court system.


1st gay Flash Mob of Asia was hosted in Mumbai…Happy Pride

28th Jan is Pride in Mumbai and in celebration to that Mumbai saw its first ever gay flash mob in the at Marine Drive. Its not only Mumbai’s first but it happened to India’s and Asia’s first gay flash mob.

Mumbai has done it agian. In India people say, what Mumbai things today, rest of India thinks tomorrow. Here what the city did, the rest of Asia hasn’t thought about it yet.

This a bold effort which was a huge success and hopefully other cities will follow the example and have one of their own. At a time when Indian Health Minister proved to be how ignorant, bigoted and uneducated a person can be when it comes to LGBT issues in his country, these awarenesses are even more necessary than before.

Here’s wishing Mumbai a Happy Pride on the 28th. Hope its as huge a success as their Flash Mob.

Jackie Shroff comes out as Gay: Or Not

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Jackie Shroff, one of the leading mainstream actor in Bollywood who have been in the industry for 28 years has come out as gay. He is the 1st mainstream actor to come out.

He is married to Ayesha Dutt who is also a producer and has two children.

After decades of speculations about his sexuality on the sole basis of the series of movies he did in his initial years with Anil Kapoor can now be put to rest. Rumors were ripe regarding Anil Kapoor’s sexuality when after Jackie,  Anupam Kher started starring in almost all his movies.

It takes a lot of courage to come out and more so when someone has been perceived as a macho alpha male actor in mainstream cinema for almost 3 decades and not to mention having a wife and grown up kids.

We wish him all the best.



Apparently Jackie who is in Mysore now for shooting, is denying ever giving an interview where he declared he is gay.

Here is the excerpt from the Daily News and Analysis ( DNA ) news report. Speculations are, it was a cheap publicity stunt.

Gay man in India commits suicide. Family says he was forced to become gay

As India celebrates 2nd year anniversary of decriminalization of homosexuality, drama in LGBT issues increases exponentially.

A 24 year old gay man from Mumbai, who lived with his partner, committed suicide by hanging himself.

Mahesh Soni had appeared on television where he admitted to be gay and liked to cross-dress. When contacted, his family said, Mahesh’s partner Akhtar forced their son to change his lifestyle.

The couple had a fight resulting in Mahesh attacking Akhtar with a knife and then locking himself up in the apartment and hanging himself. Neighbours when questioned, informed that they have heard Akhtar begging and pleading Mahesh to unlock the door but to no avail.

The police has registered the death as suicide although Mahesh’s brother Suresh alleged that his brother was not a homosexual but was threatened by Akhtar and his group  to become gay.  Apparently, a few days before the incident, Mahesh called home and told his mother that he wanted to return and live with his family.

Not knowing fully what the conversation was between Mahesh and his mother, just the desire of him to return home and wanting to leave his partner doesn’t say he was not gay. Because if we can draw that conclusion, then every woman who leaves her husband and goes back to her parents is a lesbian. And we all know that’s not true. However what it does say is, he wanted to walk out on his relationship.

133 arrested in a police raid of a gay party in India

Police raided a gay party in India and arrested 133 people along with some famous faces, one being Bobby Darling (transgender actress).

Years back I had heard of a similar raid of a White Party in Bombay and there were quite a few high profile people present in that party as well and their financial power managed to hush the whole episode up but not before a few pics were published in the papers. This raid happened almost 10 years back.

Since then, this is the 2nd major police raid of a gay party and the 1st of its kind after homosexuality was decriminalized 2 years back.

You can read a detailed report here.

Nay to Gay in India…

So all hell broke lose, the earth fell off its axis when India saw its 2nd commercial gay film released..  Dunno Y…Na Jaane Kyon.

No one is mentioning My Brother Nikhil any more. Why? Is it because the gay story line was very subtle? If people chose to not recognize it as a gay film, they can fool themselves by saying, “Its just friendship.” As there were no kisses or a sex scene in the film. That’s so naive. Or should I say hypocritical.

And Yuvraaj Parasher has been disowned by his family.

Way to go. I came out to my sister 3 weeks back. I was ready to come out to my entire family but my sister asked me not to. Which is fine. But when I decided to come out, I had reached a point where, if my family had disowned me, I wouldn’t have cared. My sister didn’t. She said, it doesn’t matter to her. I am still her little brother. And don’t get me wrong, I love my family to death.

But when a gay man comes out to his family, he has already evaluated the aftermath and has reconciled with that fact. So disowning him, would not make much of a difference. He is not going to turn straight. Disowning is used like a punishment. A punishment that really has no effect on the person as he already has braised himself for that, knew it was coming and already has tuned his mind to move on. In reality…HE shuns them and just carries on.

What these families don’t understand, that we move on. Its them who loses. You shun us, there is a whole world out there who would accept us. At one point, the constant pain would reduce to an occasional pinch and then to nothing. But its the family who would be frozen in time.

And in this case, as Yuvraaj is in movies, they would be reminded of him everytime his face is splashed on the tabloid. The irony is, he is not even gay. Atleast we don’t know …. yet.

So it Yuvraaj… hang in there kiddo. There is a bigger family out there who has open their arms wide to take you in. Whether you are gay or not doesn’t matter to us.

For we don’t judge.

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