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Obama Administration Would Not Defend The Constitutionality Of Denying Militery Benifits To Same-Sex Couples

The DOJ under Obama Administration announced on the 17th of February that it will not defend laws that would prevent married same=sex couples from getting military benefits.

Attorney General Eric Holder mentioned in a letter to the Congress, “the legislative record of these provisions contains no rationale for providing veterans’ benefits to opposite-sex couples of veterans but not to legally married same-sex spouses of veterans … Neither the Department of Defense nor the Department of Veterans Affairs identified any justifications for that distinction that would warrant treating these provisions differently from Section 3 of DOMA.”

The Defence of Married Act prevents the federal government from recognising same-sex relationships even if the couple is legally married in their state.

The lawsuit was filed last October on behalf of Maj. Shannon McLaughlin of Massachusetts which talks about the benefits that all heterosexual couples enjoy, were denied to McLaughlin and her partner Casey such as, medical and dental benefits, basic housing allowances, travel and transportation allowances, family separation benefits, military ID cards, visitation rights in military hospitals, survivor benefit plans, and the right to be buried together in military cemeteries.

The Department of Justice had already announced on February 23, 2011 that it would not defend the Constitutionality of DOMA.


Marriage Equality video: Wrapping up everything in 2 mins (beautiful)

An Australian organization Get Up made this marriage equality video which drives the point hard in the most tender way imaginable in just less than 2 mins. Its beautiful and touching.

A must watch

via YouTube

NOM’s “successful” Valuebus tour in IOWA

National Organization for Marriage (NOM) like last year, did their Values Voter Bus tour through the state of IOWA. They proudly announced that they covered 22 cities and more than 1300 miles in 5 days.

Brian Brown had been tweeting for sometime, congratulating everybody who made this event a “success’. And by doing that he redefined “success.” He was not satisfied by just congratulating the 20 people who made it a “success” but went to to release this video. Whatever was left to imagination, before, is not for everyone to see.

There are few shots of 10 to 15 people spread out in front of the bus to make it look like there were tons of people attending the events. You can see kids between the age of 5 and 10 holding up banners. What do they know of marriage and NOM?

Most of the video is focused on the the speakers like Rick Santorum but the camera doesn’t move from their face to the audience so that we can get a clear view of how many were in actual attendance. They could be speaking to an empty venue/lawn for all we know.

Brian Brown laughed at in Fox interview

Brian Brown from National Organization for Marriage (NOM) appeared on Fox News yesterday to talk about why same-sex marriage does not measure up to marriage between opposite sex. He actually tweeted that he would be appearing in the show and was very proud of it. Little did he know what was in store for him.

His arguments did not convince the host. At one point when he talks about how marriage is true and good and beautiful and one can hear the distinct laughter coming from the audience. Maybe he should try a new course of argument and not always go down the beaten track of the “future of kids” argument.

I am really surprised a FOX Business News host was so evidently there to strike down every argument of Brian and apparently supporting David, the libertarian spokes person, considering Fox is famous for it anti-gay talk shows.

See and enjoy the video here. Thanks again for Joe.My.God. for providing it.

DOMA’s wrath is likely to destroy another family

Bradford Wells and Anthony John Makk have been legally married for 7 years. Although the state of Massachusetts acknowledges the marriage, the federal government does not. As a result, in spite of being married and having been together for 19 years, Anthony faces deportation to his native country Australia in a couple of weeks.

Apart from the obvious repercussions that they will have to face if Anthony is deported, there is  another very crucial aspect they will have to deal with… and that is Bradford’s advanced AIDS condition. Anthony is the sole caregiver and if he is deported, Brad is going to lose his caregiver and he has no idea how he would go about with his daily life without help.

President Obama has already declared Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) as unconstitutional and stated, his administration will not defend its constitutionality in court cases.   But till DOMA is repealed, it stays in effect and on the basis of the law, none of the same-sex marriages across the country are recognized by the federal government.

So Bradford’s love, affection, commitment to his partner has no value in the eyes of his country’s government just because the partner happens to be a man.

Legal support of lesbians in India… a growing trend?

Its just half of the year that has passed and we have heard two separate incidences about a court ruling in favour of lesbian couple in India.

The first ruling was for Neha and Khushboo who had reportedly filed a petition with a Chattisgarh court for security as the couple feared they would be harmed by their friends and family. The court ordered full protection to them and ruled they can live together as they were of legal age. This was in April.

Fast Forward to July where Savita and Veena went to court asking for protection after being threatened by their friends and families. In this case, just this court ruling in favour of the women was not the only key point. Apparently Savita was forced to get married by her family, earlier this year. She got a divorce from her husband and told a Gurgaon judge that she wishes to get married to her girl friend Veena. According to sources the judge over saw the wedding and pronounced them husband and wife.

And this makes me wonder. Why all of a sudden this pro-lesbian rulings from the judges, both from smaller villages or cities in north India.

The second question that arises, would the rulings have been any different if instead of a lesbian couple, it was a male gay couple?

Finally if it is true that the judge did declare Savita and Veena as husband and wife, why was there no huge celebration for this tremendous step forward in India. Read here the Times Of India interviews of  LGBT people and activists.

Lesbian couple from India illegally married but legally protected.

A Indian lesbian couple from a small town of Manesar near New Delhi got married on the 22nd of July, needless to say against their family’s wishes.

Although homosexuality has been decriminalized in India, same-sex marriages are still not recognized legally. After receiving death threats from their family members, these women went to court asking for protection.

You can get full details here.

Today the court has granted them 24 hours protection.  They are not legally married, but they are of legal age so can choose to live with whoever and wherever they want. And homosexuality being no longer a criminal offence in India, the law cannot pin anything against the two girls.

I had reported before another incidence of Neha and Khushboo and how the court granted them full protection too. That was the first legal individual case. At that time I had stated that once court rules in the favour of an LGBT person, it will have a snowball effect. They cannot rule against them ever again on the basis of their sexual orientation.

You can read about it here.

I hope this trend continues. As long as we have the legal backing, a lot can be accomplished, even when our Heath Minister says that homosexuality is a disease and has come from a  far off  land.

And I celebrate my 50th blog with a great news from INDIA.



The stories that have been coming in on this although are from reliable sources, are bizarre to say the least. Savita and Veena, I assumed were married in some obscure little temple and hence legally has no significance, now looks like they were actually married in court in front of a Gurgaon judge. It is very hard to believe that on judge randomly would allow two girls to get married when he very well knows that it would not be recognized anywhere in the country.

Another piece of information that has come in from Times Of India is, the girls are missing now. They went missing even before the police to arrange for protection for them. Again I am surprised  that if that is true, it has not got more media attention.

I will try to update this once I get some more information.

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