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Gay Agenda?

I will keep it short.

Just one question to all those who believe homosexuality is a lifestyle choice and everything about us is the GAY AGENDA that we shove down the throat of society… what made thse animals choose the homo lifestyle?

What’s their GAY AGENDA?

Who does the social policing for these outrageous acts in the animal kingdom?

There is no Christ or Shiva or Allah, then which God hate these animals? So there is an animal hell where they are destined to go when they die?

We always were told, humans are the only species in the animal kingdom who have sex for pleasure. The rest all do for reproduction.

Looks like even animals have discovered the pleasure of the backdoor. There is no reproduction involved.

What does NOM ( National Organization of Marriage ) has to say about this? These animals are destroying the age old definition of family. They should act fast before the entire animal kingdom becomes extinct.


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