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The Imitation Game

After watching The Imitation Games, I battled with myself trying to figure out which aspect of the movie I should focus on.
The part where we as human beings were an epic fail, when we asked a civilian, a college mathematics professor to join the British Intelligence Service to break the Enigma Code, which cut short World War ll by almost 2 years and as per historians, saved over 14 million lives and then promptly jumped on our moral righteous high horse and awarded the man with a choice– 2 years in prison or chemical castration ‘ hormone therapy ‘ for being a homosexual. He chose the later and after a year of ‘ treatment’ killed himself.
Or I should just focus on the man who came into our lives as a crazy narcissistic brainiac Sherlock, then introduced us to Julian Asange in The Fifth Estate, and went on to be the odd son in a dysfunctional family in August – Osage County, which he followed with the gold loving, fire breathing, terrifying Smaug and finally gave us the brilliant mathematician, at times crazy, socially awkward Alan Turing….. Benedict Cumberbatch.
While watching the movie one realizes and appreciates the saying ‘ less is more’. To portray the horrors of war one doesn’t need reels of gruesome war scenes. The horror can be equally effectively projected in subtle ways. As a result, the focus of the film never wavered from the actual topic- Alan Turing.

Although there were quite a few well known faces in the movie, Keira Knightly, Matthew Goode, Mark Strong, Allan Leech ( Downton Abbey), Charles Dance ( Game of Thrones), the only person who stays with you after you leave the theatre is Benedict Cumberbatch. His stellar performance captures Turing’s passion, brilliance, awkwardness, helplessness, fear and finally his resignation to his fate, to perfection. His Oscar nomination is rightfully earned.
On a happy side note: In 2013, the Queen gave Royal Pardon to Turing. I am sure he is beside himself with joy and hanging upside down from the branch of a golden apple tree in heaven. Oops, sorry. Hell not heaven. For a moment I forgot he was a homosexual.


LANDED: TOGETHER IN CANADA (A WorldPride Affiliate Event)


The LGBT community have been fighting for their basic rights, dignity, acknowledgement and acceptance in society; and they have been fighting for decades. It feels like, as soon as one hurdle is over come, another plants itself in our path. The more recent problems however, are more political than social.

When DOMA (Defense Of Marriage Act) was signed into law by then president Bill Clinton, a whole new series of hurdles sprung up in front of the LGBT community living in the United States. The laws got complex, convoluted and beyond rational reasoning. The few states at the beginning who legalised same-sex marriage like Massachusetts, those marriages were still not recognised by the Federal government or by other states. As a result, the couples could not file for federal tax returns and benefits together or entitled for federal grants. Along with these, another guillotine hovered over the heads for the bi-national same-sex couples. Immigration and citizenship being under the purview of the federal government and they not recognizing same-sex marriage, the foreign national in a bi-national couple has no legal right to apply for a green card even if they are legally married in their individual state and were in danger of being torn away from their partners and deported.

Read here about the harrowing impact of DOMA on bi-national couple.

To avoid being separated from their partner, a large group of bi-national same-sex couples immigrated to Canada where their union was recognized.

In RBC sponsored Emerging Artist Project, photographer Sarah Foy created a collage of such bi-national couples who have immigrated to Canada from the United States. Along with the visual, there is an audio track of these couples documenting the trials and tribunals they faced while trying to settle in a brand new country, away from their family and friends and starting from scratch.

People may argue that hundreds of people immigrate to other countries, so what’s the big deal. The big deal is more psychological. In most cases, if not all, people who immigrate to a foreign country, they do it because they want to, so they are prepared mentally for the unknown. But in the cases of these couples, they are forced to. And that makes all the difference. Not to mention the feeling of being unrecognized, rejected and uncared for by their own country.

Landed: Together in Canada as a title, aptly captures the essence. It’s a compelling artwork which tells the stories of LGBT individuals landing in the US, falling in love with an American and moving to Canada to be together.


Gallery Open: May 24th – June 29th 2014

Venue: Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre

Equality For All

On Wednesday, 26th June, the supreme court of US have declared DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) unconstitutional and struck down Prop8 in California now repaving the path for all Californian gay couples to walk down the isle. It was surely a wonderful news to wake up to.

12 states currently allow same sex marriage in United States and 37 more to go. Now its just a matter of time. The ruling couldn’t have come at a better time. Just before Pride celebration starts all over the country.


Two HUGE victory for the LGBT community and Two HUGE defeats for NOM

Its been a great day for the LGBT community today. We had two victories in one day and when the victories are against National Organization for Marriage (NOM), it tastes even more sweet.

No. 1 and the most important: BILL HB437 which was introduced in New Hampshire to repeal the Same-Sex Marriage law was killed by the republican lead House of Representatives by a whopping 211-116 votes. This is a huge blow for NOM and an incredible but a shocking victory for us considering the House of Representatives in NH is totally GOP dominated.

The 2nd defeat for National Organization for Marriage was when the Director of corporate Fairness Project for NOM Mr. Jonathan Baker asked the CEO of STARBUCKS Mr. Howard Shultz about their declaration to support Same-Sex Marriage.  Mr. Shultz’s response?

“Any decision of this type or magnitude has to be made with great thoughtfulness and I would assure you that a senior team at Starbucks discussed this.  To be very candid with you, this was not something that was a difficult decision for us and we did share this with the board as well…. We made that decision, in our view, through the lens of humanity and being the kind of company that embraces diversity.”  And the auditorium full of stock holders burst into a deafening applause.

Needless to say… NOM is not happy with this answer and has already started to plan its attack against STARBUCKS by designing a “Boycott Starbucks” website which will be launched soon asking people to pledge to boycott the company.

I am not a fan of STARBUCKS coffee, but I pledge to buy atleast 1 coffee every week from them from now on.


Indian Government accepts Delhi High Court ruling of 2009 legalizing homosexuality

Tuesday February 28: The Indian Government declared that it will not challenge the 2009 ruling by Delhi High court decriminalizing homosexuality.

This was informed to the Supreme Court by government lawyers, which is now hearing a case filed against that ruling by religious leaders challenging it.

Homosexuality had been illegal in India since the 1860s, when a British colonial law classified it as “against the order of nature.”

The support of the Indian government for the ruling might tip the scale in favour of the LGBTQ of the supreme court ruling.

We can only hope and keeps our fingers crossed.

Advocate’s candid interview with Dan Savage

Instead of rewriting the whole interview, I will just put the link here.

Savage talks about a lot of things from his new show on MTV called Savage U, Rick Santorum, to being glitter bombed by trans group.

A convicted felon, a Bible thumper is asking for civil disobidience against federal government

Chuck Colson who is a convicted Watergate felon and a Bible thumping Christian is asking all Christians to rise in civil disobidience against the federal government for passing laws that are anti-discriminatory and protects LGBT people.

Wonder if he could be arrested for urging people in a mass scale to rise up in revolt against the government? Throw him in jail?? He should be at home there. Afterall that was his 2nd home at one point. He is what he has to say to all Christians….

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