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If you had doubts before…you’ll be jealous now that your kid didn’t turn out like he did

Zack Walsh, 19 yr old, an engineering student from IOWA University speaks about his family, his two mothers and Same-sex marriage.

I bet a lot of straight couples will eat their hearts out, that their kids didn’t turn out the way he did.

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CNN smokes out a witch Linda Harvey before Halloween

CNN called out Linda Harvey of Mission America for her statements in her radio talk show where she asks parents not to allow LGBT medical service professionals to treat their kids. Why? Because being in such close quarters with them might turn their kids gay.

If being in close contact with gays turns kids gay, I wonder how being surrounded all my life by heterosexuals, never having a single gay friend ever in my life, I turned out gay?

Below is the full monologue of her that CNN was referring to.

Legal support of lesbians in India… a growing trend?

Its just half of the year that has passed and we have heard two separate incidences about a court ruling in favour of lesbian couple in India.

The first ruling was for Neha and Khushboo who had reportedly filed a petition with a Chattisgarh court for security as the couple feared they would be harmed by their friends and family. The court ordered full protection to them and ruled they can live together as they were of legal age. This was in April.

Fast Forward to July where Savita and Veena went to court asking for protection after being threatened by their friends and families. In this case, just this court ruling in favour of the women was not the only key point. Apparently Savita was forced to get married by her family, earlier this year. She got a divorce from her husband and told a Gurgaon judge that she wishes to get married to her girl friend Veena. According to sources the judge over saw the wedding and pronounced them husband and wife.

And this makes me wonder. Why all of a sudden this pro-lesbian rulings from the judges, both from smaller villages or cities in north India.

The second question that arises, would the rulings have been any different if instead of a lesbian couple, it was a male gay couple?

Finally if it is true that the judge did declare Savita and Veena as husband and wife, why was there no huge celebration for this tremendous step forward in India. Read here the Times Of India interviews of  LGBT people and activists.

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