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What do you get when you take a Bond movie and put four James Bonds in it? You get 4 times the action, 4 times the adrenaline rush, 4 times bigger a canvas, 4 times craziness and 4 times more fun. Or you can say you get Furious 7.
This is as craziest over the top movie as it gets. And it is a whole lot of fun. I was turned into an adrenaline junkie wanting more and more of that action. The movie’s fast pace, crisp taut editing, breathtaking locales, outrageous mind blowing stunts made the experience a total thrill.
I know it had the Paul Walker emotional quotient woven in every frame where he was present, and the tribute at the end was poignant, emotional, classy and made its mark but the movie belonged to Vin Diesel. He dominated every scene with his powerful presence, charisma and effortless portrayal of his tough and his softer side.
Tyrese Gibson cut himself a special place among all the muscles and explosions with his perfectly timed comic relief.
I don’t think I have ever loved a bad guy in a movie as much as I loved Jason Stathum. The fact that he wasn’t killed off in the end gives me hope I’ll see him again in the next installment and so does Kurt Russell who came in like a comet and disappeared without a trace.
All in all I got 4 times my money’s worth and I am furiously praying for part 8 to come fast.


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