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John Snow Pub- Kiss and Tell

This was the scene at London’s Soho district in front of John Snow Pub, yesterday evening in protest of eviction of a gay couple for kissing, in the pub.

Here is a video which had account of one of the victims and one of the observers.

I am personally not a big fan of PDA ( public display of affection ). Having said that, a few kisses hasn’t harmed anybody ever. One can meeting and greeting someone with a kiss is fine with me. But when that kiss turns to a prelude to taking your clothes off, thats absolutely unacceptable. Gay or straight doesn’t matter. I see more straight couples doing that, than gays, unless ofcourse its a gay night club.

To me, there are lots of other ways of showing your love than shoving your tongue down another’s throat. Well again, it could be my Indian background talking. For me, a kiss for more than 4 or 5 seconds in public is not acceptable.

One can show affection in public but not passion.

I wasn’t there, so can’t say whether it was two guys sealing their first date with a kiss or lick starting a night of passion.

Either way, I agree with Mr. Tatchell that, no matter how offensive it might have been  to some people, a straight couple would not have been thrown out.

I am proud and happy that so many people came out to support the couple and made a point and thats what counts.


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