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Kathy’s new target: Marcus Bachmann

Kathy Griffin came on Craig Fergusan’s Late Late Show on the 1st of September. I always have loved her, like any other gay man, I guess.

Among many other hilarious comments, when she talked about her new show on Bravo ‘Kathy Griffin: Pants Off’, she informed that originally she wanted to name it ‘Kathy Griffin: Pray the Gay Back’. The initial title was self explanatory, as been taken from Presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann‘s husband’s clinic where Marcus Bachmann claims to cure gays of their homosexual craving through prayer.

She openly declared that Marcus is her new target. And honestly I can’t wait to see what all she comes up with against this man. She already gave us a good hint of what we can expect when she insinuated that Marcus Bachmann himself is gay. Being warned by Craig not to openly talk about Marcus’s sexuality, she drew a very poor and deliberate comparison to Marcus and the kind of guys that mostly come to watch her live shows, leaving nothing to speculation.

Watch it and enjoy.


“The VIEW” on same-sex-marriage in NY

This I think was the first time I actually adored the women on THE VIEW.  I loved this particular segment on same-sex marriage and was very pleasantly surprised on Elizabeth Hasselbeck‘s view on the issue, after the little verbal cat fight that happened with Kathy Griffin, although it was sometime back.

It is a surprise for me because as I said, I am not a big fan of  THE VIEW and so I hardly ever watch it. She must have evolved over the years. But anyway… the best part was Whoopi Goldberg. I almost bent double laughing at the end. She is just too comical and adorable.

Watch it and enjoy….

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