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Koffee with Karan and John Abraham

The Koffee was strong, full bodied, rejuvenating and stimulating and unquestionably the gayest episode filmed.

It was very bold on both their parts to go to the extent they did.

Did they go a bit too far? Maybe…

Was is a little uncomfortable at times to sit and watch with our families, yes absolutely.

But having said that, the entire episode kind of looked like two friends playfully picking on each other with no holes barred. ( no pun intended ).

Kudos to John Abraham for being so open and being an advocate of the gays LGBT community.

Among all the good things, the two things that stuck out and not in a good way were two choices of words. I will not go on and on about them. Most probably they came out as harmless words during a general conversation. But one should be conscious of what he is saying. I know its not easy all the time.

1. We don’t choose to be gay in contrary to what Karan said. But yes we choose whether we would lead a gay life or succumb to the societal pressure and try to live a life of lies. That is definitely a choice.

2. Its not a preference. Preference is a conscious choice made of one upon the other. We have no choices. We don’t consciously choose men over women. The same way the straights don’t choose women over men.

I know, those weren’t intentional. None of them are activists so they don’t have to be always politically correct. And on top of that English is not our first language so vocabulary can fall short at times.

So apart from the two above mentioned faux pas, this Koffee with Karan was the most enjoyable of all and a steaming hot one at that.

Congratulations to both.


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