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Pakistan includes transgenders in a seperate category

Pakistan has given a ground breaking ruling to allow transgenders to have their own gender category in official documents.

This is a huge step in gender equality and coming from a conservative country like Pakistan, it calls for kudos and appreciation.

They would be able to choose an alternative gender from the regular Male or Female when applying for their National Identity Cards.

As can be seen in the video, this could be the opening of the door this community needed to get proper jobs and not resort to begging, something they were forced to do for being treated as a 3rd grade citizen in their own country.

Whats the WIIFM factor the government? Why all of a sudden such a radical decision?

Well… the obvious reason would be, if this community gets NIC and get proper jobs, the number of tax payers would increase. Hence more money for the government.

But this is a win win situation for both parties.  When both parties benifit out of a decision, it cannot be wrong.

So congratulations Pakistan!! Well Done.


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