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Michele Bachmann does something sensible finally: drops out

Finally Crazy Eyes drops out (stops running) of the presidential campaign of 2012. She had the lowest number of votes among the republican candidates in Iowa yesterday.

Frothy Mix, who almost won was beaten by Romney by about 88 votes. They were neck to neck.

Michele Bachmann‘s senseless speech (ramble) is makes you wonder how she is even working in congress. She sounds uneducated, primitive, confused woman who should not be anywhere near politics. She should help her wife bake cookies for their kids. Her speach was littered with “socialism” 4 times and Obama 14 times.

The good thing…she misunderstood what God told her, but atleast she understood correctly what the people of IOWA wanted her to know. “GO AWAY.”

“Last night, the people of Iowa spoke with a very clear voice,” Bachmann said, “so I have decided to stand aside.” Finally some sensible talk from her

Sorry could not embed the video of her declaration of ending her campaign.

Maybe now she would be able to invest more time in trying to turn her husband (Lady Bird) Bachmann straight. That man is so far in the closet, he has reached Narnia.


If you had doubts before…you’ll be jealous now that your kid didn’t turn out like he did

Zack Walsh, 19 yr old, an engineering student from IOWA University speaks about his family, his two mothers and Same-sex marriage.

I bet a lot of straight couples will eat their hearts out, that their kids didn’t turn out the way he did.

Via Youtube

A summery of how the LGBT and LGBT friendly candidates did in the latest US election

Maybe not a Tsunami, but definitely a tidal wave of LGBT and LGBT friendly candidates emerged in the latest election in the United States. Ofcourse there were a few bumps but we can’t get it all in one shot. If this is any indication of how the people of United States preferences are, the Republicans have a lot to worry about in 2012’s presidential election.

I will start with

1) Missoula, Montana: Caitlin Copple, an openly gay candidate was elected as the city-council member. Why is  her victory worth mentioning?? Its because she defeated her incumbent who was one of the two council member to vote against an anti-discrimination ordinance that was proposed back in 2010.

2) Lancing, Michigan: A loss here. Rory Neuner lost to her opponents who were reelected. But its not the end of the world.

3) Largo City, Florida: Michael Smith beats his opponent Mary Gray Black who campaigned against him using his sexuality as a tool. She outed him as gay and thought she would secure her seat on the basis of that. But surprise surprise, when Michael won the Commissioner of the city defeating her by 54% votes.

4) Savannah, Georgia: A bump. Pam Miller, who if elected would have been the 1st openly gay city council member did not happen. Georgia is not new to openly gay council members, but it would have been a 1st for Savannah. Better luck next time Pam.

5) Cincinnati, Ohio: Chris Seelbach was elected among 7 other democrats in the city council. He becomes the 1st openly gay candidate to sit in the council. 4 republicans were ousted.

6) Charlotte, North Carolina: LaWana Mayfield was elected by the people of Charlotte who was an openly gay candidate. This is important because North Carolina is debating Constitutional ban on same-sex marriage.

7) Indianapolis City-county: Zach Adamson got elected as the 1st openly gay council member and restored democrat’s control on the city.

8) Sunniside Unified school district, Arizona: Probably the most happy and satisfying victory was that of Daniel Hernandez in the school board. A little background on him? He was the gay man who became the hero of the Rep.Giffords shooting incident where he saved her life. And yes, Ms. Gabrielle Giffords is one of the few republicans who is definitely not anti-gay. Good luck young man!

9) District 18, Iowa: This probably turned out to be one of the dramatic voting constituency in the last 24 hrs of election when an anonymous robo-call targeting democrat Liz Mathis for being pro-gay. The call warned Iowa voters about the pro-homosexuality stance the democrats have taken and urged them to call Ms. Mathis and ask which homosexual sex acts she endorses. Speculations are National Organization for Marriage (NOM) was behind it, which obviously vehemently denied by NOM. NOM had spent a lot of money to put a republican in the senate which would have lead the path to over rule the same-sex marriage law  passed by the state supreme court and seek for a constitutional ban on it. But with this win, that dream went down the drain.

10) Virginia: Here is a downer. Republican Patrick Forrest lost against state senator Janet Howell. Yes he was republican and gay. There was nasty campaigning that went on making his sexuality as a tool. What proved fruitful in Iowa, unfortunately didn’t in Virginia. But again, although a gay republican would have been highly welcomed, a democrat is not that bad. She won for the 6th term.

11) Houston, Texas: Annise Parker was reelected the mayor of Houston against a lot of mudslinging from her opponents for her sexual orientation. Congratulations!!!

12) San Francisco, California: The gay mayoral candidate Bevan Dufty lost this election while opposition candidate Ed Lee leads considerably. But all is lost here. Out of the 16 candidates there are lots of pro-LGBT mayoral hopefuls.

13) Holyoke, Massachusetts: Saved the best for last. Holyoak just didn’t choose its first openly gay mayor but also the youngest when the elected 22 years old Alex Morse.

So these were the victories and failures in the election. More to be happy about and for a change I am happy to write this blog. Worth mentioning, there were hardly or no tweet from NOM president Brian Brown all of last evening, which added to my happiness. “evil laugh”.

Michele Bachmann: This is absolutely priceless. A must watch

This is hilarious and alarmingly true. Michele Bachmann has no clue how disastrously ill-informed and idiot she projects herself.

“Carbon dioxide is portrayed as harmful. It is a harmless gas.” Really???? Is she for real???

The scary part is, she is “running” for president.

Enjoy the video and have a good laugh.

NOM’s “successful” Valuebus tour in IOWA

National Organization for Marriage (NOM) like last year, did their Values Voter Bus tour through the state of IOWA. They proudly announced that they covered 22 cities and more than 1300 miles in 5 days.

Brian Brown had been tweeting for sometime, congratulating everybody who made this event a “success’. And by doing that he redefined “success.” He was not satisfied by just congratulating the 20 people who made it a “success” but went to to release this video. Whatever was left to imagination, before, is not for everyone to see.

There are few shots of 10 to 15 people spread out in front of the bus to make it look like there were tons of people attending the events. You can see kids between the age of 5 and 10 holding up banners. What do they know of marriage and NOM?

Most of the video is focused on the the speakers like Rick Santorum but the camera doesn’t move from their face to the audience so that we can get a clear view of how many were in actual attendance. They could be speaking to an empty venue/lawn for all we know.

Michele Bachmann: Skeletons and carcasses spilling everywhere from her closet

Another scoop about ‘Oh so ChristianMichele Bachmann who is “running for the presidency of the United States“. How far do you wanna run, lady?

Here is the link from Joe.My.God. blog post. That explains everything. Forward this to as many people and social networks as you possible can. Let the people know.

As she says she is “running”… instead of ‘for’ it should be ‘from’ the Presidency. As far as her rickety legs would carry her away from The White House.

Impeachment of 4 Iowa Judges

I just read about how State Reps. Tom Shaw, Glen Massie and Kim Pearson are pushing to remove the 4 remaining supreme court judges who ruled in favour of same-sex-marriage in Iowa.

“An Impeachment“. Is that what they are calling it? In other words they are saying that ruling in favour of same-sex-marriage was a criminal offence.

I really don’t get the legalities and the political aspect of things. Explain to me…. tomorrow if a judge rules against a murderer, few State Reps. can draft a legislation to remove the judge because the ruling was not to their liking?

This is how the United States Governing body works. Politicians can remove anyone for doing their job if it doesn’t sit well with their agenda. 7 Supreme Court judges came to a decision and they can so easily be removed because few politicians didn’t like their ruling?

If these petty politicians in state level have so much power, why is the President of the country so useless?

Removal of the judges would not reverse the ruling. The ruling will still stand.

So what is the point? You remove these 7. There would be 7 more who would be pro-gay marriage.

If  US Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit rules in favour of Repealing Prop8  and the entire country has to accept same-sex-marriage, what are they going to do? Hang themselves? If they do, I will make sure there are a few heterophobes picketing their funeral.

The list of  “Why I hate America and Americans” just goes on and on and on.

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