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Indian Government accepts Delhi High Court ruling of 2009 legalizing homosexuality

Tuesday February 28: The Indian Government declared that it will not challenge the 2009 ruling by Delhi High court decriminalizing homosexuality.

This was informed to the Supreme Court by government lawyers, which is now hearing a case filed against that ruling by religious leaders challenging it.

Homosexuality had been illegal in India since the 1860s, when a British colonial law classified it as “against the order of nature.”

The support of the Indian government for the ruling might tip the scale in favour of the LGBTQ of the supreme court ruling.

We can only hope and keeps our fingers crossed.


Indian Apex court debating on “Order of nature” in homosexuality

The 2nd day of hearing came to an end with the judges GS Sanghvi and SJ Mukhopadhay, (who are hearing 16 petitions brought against the Delhi High Court ruling which struck down the colonial law that criminalized homosexuality) discussing the “order of nature” in Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code.

While discussing they brought up the sculptures in Khajuraho temple which depicts all sorts of sexual acts from same sex to, heterosex to beastiality. They judges wanted to bring to notice, before the British made the IPC in 1860, homosexuality was not fowned upon in Indian society. Both judges indicated, that homosexuality should be viewed in ralation to the changing scociety.

“Many things, which were earlier unacceptable, have become acceptable with passage of time,” the bench told senior counsel Amarendra Sharan, who is representing the Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights.

To the above statement, Mr. Sharan replied that social issues cannot be decided on the basis on sculptures.

The judges bench answered to the objection in a very rational way. “It is a reflection of society of that time and homosexuality should not be seen only in terms of sexual intercourse,” was their counter argument.

The question that was raised by the bench on wednesday ,” Who is the expert to define the term order of nature?” was answered by them the next day with the following staement ,” These things should be seen in the light of changing times where phenomena of live-in relationship, single parents and artificial fertilisation have become normal.”

They further elaborated with “Take the recent phenomena of live-in relationship, single parents and surrogacy. There is a case where a man is unmarried but wants to be a father and engage a surrogate mother. Thirty-forty years ago it was against the order of nature but now artificial fertilisation is a thriving business.”

A very sound argument… and rational. A scotiety which essentially had no qualms about homosexuality before the British Rule cannot argue about its societal damage it might have by decriminalizing homosexuality. When the same British governmant in their own country has legalized homosexuality and accepts civil unions.

“Kill The Gays” Bill reintroduced in Uganda

Here we go again…Uganda’s anti-homosexuality bill a.k.a “Kill The Gays” bill which was first introduced by Ugandan MP David Bahati in 2009 went in the back burner when the parliament was adjourned last May without deciding the fate of the bill, has now been re-introduced this Tuesday in the parliament.

Among other inhuman punishments against LGBT people in the country, the most controversial was the death penalty for active homosexuals living with HIV or in cases of same-sex rape. If people continue to have homosexual sex, which is termed in the bill as “Serial Offenders”, would face death penalty too.

The bill would also put people behind bars irrespective of gay or straight, for up to three years if they fail to report within 24 hours the identities of anyone they know who is LGBT, or who supports the human rights of people who are.

The bill has been strongly critisized by other leading nations including US and after the huge condemnation from the rest of the world and LGBT and human rights activists, Bahati informed the death penalty clause has been dropped from the original bill. Although an amended bill has not been published.

In support of the bill Bahati said, it will help protect the children of his country who are apparently in danger from the gays.

Gay 15 year old student gets beaten up

Union Scioto High School student at Chillicothe, Ohio was brutally beaten up for being gay. There is a video footage of what took place.

The student was left with a possible concussion and a broken tooth. There were by standers but no one came to help as per the victim. And as a punishment for attacking a kid for being gay, all the attacker got was a 3 days suspension.

The student informed that his attacker called him “the definition of a faggot” on Facebook. Victims mother was quoted saying “All those people who have that hate in their heart, they need to let it go. Because people are going to be who they are.”

Towleroad, which first reported the incident also reports that “Union-​Scioto has no policy in place that specifically protects students from being bullied or attacked based on sexual orientation or gender identity. The Union-​Scioto Local School District does have a policy that prohibits harassment based on sex, race, color, national origin, religion, disability, among others, but it does not specifically protect against harassment based on sexual orientation or gender identity.”

The video which was initially posted on Facebook is below. If you go through the comments section of the video, you will find one guy commenting “boys will be boys”. That kind of comment is disturbing and scary. Having a fight, or wrestling between two guys where both want to do it and just beating up someone who is not interested in picking up a fight is not being ‘ boys will be boys.’ Although both the situations are wrong. One doesn’t need to fight to prove they are men, but to beat up someone for being gay is ‘homophobes will be homophobes’.

Latest study shows: Gays can change their sexual orientation

Here is the link to the report from Baptist Press which published the above claim.

While you read the report, everything looks nice and dandy and you even lean towards believing that maybe its true. Maybe it can happen.

But there are flaws which very smartly the coauthor Mr. Jones points out before anyone else can and gives justifications which cannot be taken seriously.

He himself says that people have argued that its a very small sample. He had nothing to counter the claim besides HE THINKS the find is significant.

When asked why some people were “successful” in changing their orientation where some failed, he said he has no answer for that.

He refuses to put the subjects through a visual stimulus like porn to see if they get sexual aroused or not by giving a very lame excuse of keeping the “Sexual Purity” intact.

Exodus which is well known for its notorious claims of ex-gay for half a decade now and have been denounced time and again as bogus just doesn’t know when to stop . They don’t get: that IS the litmus test. Ofcourse to them gay-sex is impure. But it is crucial to find out, do they still have the urge when they see porn, or any kind of same-sex sexual act? If not porn, in future these same people would see same sex couples kissing, or a sex scene in a movie or tv series, how will they react to those? Or is he suggesting they should not watch tv, or movies, or move around blind-folded for the rest of their lives to preserve their mental purity and not be exposed to same-sex sexual display of any kind.

Living abroad I don’t get to eat Indian food that often. Don’t see them, don’t smell them around me, so I don’t even miss them. But when I go home, the moment I take the first morsel, I realize how much I missed it. Just because I didn’t miss Indian food for 2 years doesn’t mean I grew out of them. Isn’t it similar to what Mr. Jones is claiming?

“I know individuals who have been married for 20 and 30 years after coming out of the gay community,” Jones said.

True..(although I am yet to meet one such person) but he forgot to mention that the opposite is true too. There are actually more number of “married for 20 or 30 years and then got divorced and came out as gay” kind of men. How does he explain that? I don’t need research for that, I personally know quite a few of these kinds.

So believe what you want to believe, but these are valid concerns, I feel that needs to be properly and believably addressed. Once they can do that scientifically, without bringing any religious reference, maybe I would consider this claim to be credible.

Gay man in India commits suicide. Family says he was forced to become gay

As India celebrates 2nd year anniversary of decriminalization of homosexuality, drama in LGBT issues increases exponentially.

A 24 year old gay man from Mumbai, who lived with his partner, committed suicide by hanging himself.

Mahesh Soni had appeared on television where he admitted to be gay and liked to cross-dress. When contacted, his family said, Mahesh’s partner Akhtar forced their son to change his lifestyle.

The couple had a fight resulting in Mahesh attacking Akhtar with a knife and then locking himself up in the apartment and hanging himself. Neighbours when questioned, informed that they have heard Akhtar begging and pleading Mahesh to unlock the door but to no avail.

The police has registered the death as suicide although Mahesh’s brother Suresh alleged that his brother was not a homosexual but was threatened by Akhtar and his group  to become gay.  Apparently, a few days before the incident, Mahesh called home and told his mother that he wanted to return and live with his family.

Not knowing fully what the conversation was between Mahesh and his mother, just the desire of him to return home and wanting to leave his partner doesn’t say he was not gay. Because if we can draw that conclusion, then every woman who leaves her husband and goes back to her parents is a lesbian. And we all know that’s not true. However what it does say is, he wanted to walk out on his relationship.

Lesbian couple from India illegally married but legally protected.

A Indian lesbian couple from a small town of Manesar near New Delhi got married on the 22nd of July, needless to say against their family’s wishes.

Although homosexuality has been decriminalized in India, same-sex marriages are still not recognized legally. After receiving death threats from their family members, these women went to court asking for protection.

You can get full details here.

Today the court has granted them 24 hours protection.  They are not legally married, but they are of legal age so can choose to live with whoever and wherever they want. And homosexuality being no longer a criminal offence in India, the law cannot pin anything against the two girls.

I had reported before another incidence of Neha and Khushboo and how the court granted them full protection too. That was the first legal individual case. At that time I had stated that once court rules in the favour of an LGBT person, it will have a snowball effect. They cannot rule against them ever again on the basis of their sexual orientation.

You can read about it here.

I hope this trend continues. As long as we have the legal backing, a lot can be accomplished, even when our Heath Minister says that homosexuality is a disease and has come from a  far off  land.

And I celebrate my 50th blog with a great news from INDIA.



The stories that have been coming in on this although are from reliable sources, are bizarre to say the least. Savita and Veena, I assumed were married in some obscure little temple and hence legally has no significance, now looks like they were actually married in court in front of a Gurgaon judge. It is very hard to believe that on judge randomly would allow two girls to get married when he very well knows that it would not be recognized anywhere in the country.

Another piece of information that has come in from Times Of India is, the girls are missing now. They went missing even before the police to arrange for protection for them. Again I am surprised  that if that is true, it has not got more media attention.

I will try to update this once I get some more information.

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