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Indian Health Minister… An embarrassment to the country

Gay sex is a disease, spreading across the world” are the words of the Health Minister of India Ghulam Nabi Azad.

A bigoted, uneducated, ignorant man has no business to be in a high position of Health Minister of a country. He is a danger to the country’s progression and health issues of the LGBT community.

Its funny how he says, ” Hamare desh me bhi aagayee, jaha aadmi aadmi se sex kerta hai.” ” The disease has come to our country too where a man has sex with a man.”  In that one sentence every single word used is wrong, bigoted, ignorant and downright unscientific and against our own history.

If we break it down, “Hamare desh me bhi aagayee” … No you moron, homosexuality didn’t travel from another part of the world to India, it was always there from the ages of Mahabharata and Ramayan. But he wouldn’t know because he is a muslim, so most probably never read our hindu mythology.

“Yeh unnatural hai, nahi hona chahiye..” ” Its unnatural and shouldn’t happen…” Oh really??? Well…last time I checked homosexuality is found in 1500 animal species. So how unnatural is it? Whats unnatural here is, someone like you in  such a high-profile job.

And finally he says ” Usko dhoondna bara muskil hota hai. Kaun kerta hai, kiske saath kerta hai, eh pata nahi chalta.” ” Its very difficult to identify these men. Which man is having sex with another man and with whom is very hard to find out.” And what are you going to do if you do find out?

This man should publicly apologize and then resign from his post. He should do some course on homosexuality, read some medical journals and get familiarized with the Hindu mythology, where 1000s of years back there were mentions of transgenders, half man half woman (Shiva himself).  There are countless references, Shikhandi as one, comes to my mind, in Mahabharat.

I am outraged at this unabashed homophobia. Now the question is, what’s being done about this?


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