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Politically Incorrect…a breath of fresh air

My over-riding point was Savage had really bad timing, and his comments/outbursts hurt #LGBT community.

This was tweeted by David Badash, the blogger of The New Civil Rights Movement.

I absolutely love his blogs and tweets. That’s why I follow him. Most of my blog posts come from his posts and a few others. As I am not a political or news junkie, his posts and tweets are my window to whats happening in the LGBT community in America and around the world. So I have a lot of respect for him and his work.

But yesterday’s tweet left me a little cold.

For those who are not sure who is being mentioned in  the above tweet: Dan Savage of  It Gets Better fame, and his little faux pas on Bill Maher‘s show on HBO.

I don’t see anything wrong in wearing your heart in your sleeves once in a while. We are all humans and there are certain things in life we are passionate about, in his case like a lot of us, LGBT issues. And what Michele Bachmann and her extreme right bible thumping politicos/psychos are teaching, spreading lies and trying to validate those with more lies, those who are taking the brunt, would snap once in a while. Why would it hurt the LGBT community.

Does David mean to say, the thought never crossed his mind, that if each and every one of them just drop dead one day, the world would be a better place? Its not like he literally means going out and gun them down.

Its like when we were kids and in school. The teacher we disliked the most, we will hope, he/she would fall and break a leg or just get sick so that he/she would not be able to come to school for a long time. Its just being human. One doesn’t have to be politically correct all the time.

We are already seeing what a very politically correct organization GOProud is doing. The so called conservative gay organization GOProud (click for better understanding)  and their shenanigans is something we do not need any more. Savage can be our voice and our thought unadulterated, uncensored.

Watch the clip below and see for yourself.


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