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Guess we have come a full circle bypassing the end of the world

History in Grade 3 was about the medieval era. The world had emerged from the dark ages and were just stabilizing as a civilization. This was the early middle ages that gave us the societal pyramidal structure where the priests occupied the apex. The public, who were essentially an illiterate mass were controlled by the religious bodies. Any natural calamity (from floods, to famine) on which the humans had no control were stamped as God‘s wrath and sacrifices were demanded to appease HIM. Ofcourse in that era, sacrifices were in kind.

All these ‘sacrifices’ ensured a constant flow of daily needs into the temples and these messengers of God lived a comfortable life without really working for it and enjoyed the power over the mass.

Over the centuries, people became smarter, realized their folly in putting their faith and trust on these opportunists and there was a drastic shift in the structure of the society. The top position which was for all these years was occupied by the messengers of God were taken over by kings and the power changed hands. This was the foundation of the modern world as we know today.

In the modern world, for the longest time, America was hailed as THE country. The rest of the world looked up to it, partly in fear and party in awe. And today, in that same America, which is now just a shimmering shadow of its once glorious past, I hear/read of messengers of God talking about His wrath and how we need to appease Him ( Westboro Baptist Church ), Michele Bachmann ( who said God wanted her to run for presidency ); a quote now taken by Rick Santorum ( either they misinterpreted His orders or God is really getting old and has amnesia, so forgot He had already asked Bachmann to run for president and now asking Santorum ). National Organization for Marriage ( NOM ) asking for donations..( read as sacrifices ) to restore marriage as GOD wanted it to be. The latest being Pat Robertson who claimed the tornadoes to hit Indiana could have been avoided with prayers.

So it looks like we have (or atleast America has ) gone back to the middle ages and the pyramidal structure is once again changing where the apex is in the verge of getting reclaimed by the men of God. I always thought this was bound to happen once this world is destroyed at the end of this year and we start all over again with the dawn of civilization.

But by the looks of it, America has bypassed the destruction of the world bit and the stone age and directly jumped to the medieval era. And that makes me think, maybe that’s what Mayan calendar meant when it predicted that 2012 is going to be the end of the world ( or the world as we know it now). It has all of a sudden started to make sense.


“Boycott Starbucks” urges a pastor for supporting same-sex marriage in WA

Pastor Steven Andrew of USA Christian Ministries is asking for a nationwide boycott of Starbucks for its support for same-sex marriage in Washington. In his online message Andrew analyses that Starbucks will lose 80% of it customers if all christians choose to get their coffee elsewhere. Apparently he believes 80% of America’s population is Christians and 1-2 % are homosexuals.

“Starbucks is no longer fashionable,” writes Andrew in the post, which is headlined “Christians Boycott Starbucks – Because Romans 1 Explains Starbucks Hates God.”

“If your church  still uses Starbucks, then your pastor is a friend of the world,” Andrews argues. “God  calls those who oppose Him ‘haters of God.’”

But he throws in thaat little bit of “Jesus loves homosexuals.”

And he finishes off with “Starbucks can follow Satan if they want to.”

Looks like pastors now a days have a lot of time in their hands, tired of just praying, they also need something to spice up threir lives. What better way than to spread hate while they can use their free time educating themselves about the demographics of their own country..perhaps?

And as if Starbucks really cares!!!


Michele Bachmann does something sensible finally: drops out

Finally Crazy Eyes drops out (stops running) of the presidential campaign of 2012. She had the lowest number of votes among the republican candidates in Iowa yesterday.

Frothy Mix, who almost won was beaten by Romney by about 88 votes. They were neck to neck.

Michele Bachmann‘s senseless speech (ramble) is makes you wonder how she is even working in congress. She sounds uneducated, primitive, confused woman who should not be anywhere near politics. She should help her wife bake cookies for their kids. Her speach was littered with “socialism” 4 times and Obama 14 times.

The good thing…she misunderstood what God told her, but atleast she understood correctly what the people of IOWA wanted her to know. “GO AWAY.”

“Last night, the people of Iowa spoke with a very clear voice,” Bachmann said, “so I have decided to stand aside.” Finally some sensible talk from her

Sorry could not embed the video of her declaration of ending her campaign.

Maybe now she would be able to invest more time in trying to turn her husband (Lady Bird) Bachmann straight. That man is so far in the closet, he has reached Narnia.

To support or not to support; That is the question for Britain

Uganda with its infamous anti-gay policies is accusing Britain for bullying them after the British Prime Minister announced that his country would freeze all financial aid to countries that treat their LGBT citizens unfairly.

An official from Uganda told BBC that the country is “tired of these lectures” and they should be allowed to follow the words of God and continue their brutality on their LGBT citizens with no retribution.

A synopsis of financial aid to Uganda last year

In 2010, US aid to Uganda went to:

$384 million  Global Health and Child Survival
$71 million  Development Assistance
$25 million  Food Aid
$1.5 million  Int’l Narcotics Control and Law Enforcement
$0.6 million  International Military Education and Training
$0.3 million  Foreign Military Financing

Britain would have spend equal amount if not more on foreign aid too. Its not hard to see why they would want to redirect this whopping amount of money to something more useful than help a country which is ignorant, unjust, stubborn and going down the path of self destruction.

But there is an apparent problem in drying up the aid. Human Rights activists from Ghana and Nigeria have stated that they believe if the financial aids are stopped, there would be sever repercussions on the already threatened LGBT citizens. They would be blamed by the government for the under development and the rate of violence might increase.

If we for a minute believe that this could be the outcome, for how long would the government blame the gays? We are not talking about a month or two months of non-funding. It would be permanent or till they mend their ways. A time will come when the government officials would have to give in and change their policies, because by just torturing the gays will not get them money. Or they can put their trust on God and wait for HIM to provide with what they need. I am sure they have that much of faith in their God and religion. For after all they are following the words of God so help should come from HIM.

So what do we have in hand. Either let them follow the words of GOD and criminalize and murder gays and continue funding them with hundreds of millions of dollars and pounds, or cut all aid and still see them do the same things what they are doing now with maybe a little bit more vengeance. To be noted, these are assumptions on the part of the LGBT activists and we have no way of knowing for sure if that’s exactly what will happen.

There is a flip side to stopping the financial aid apart from just the assumption of the Human Rights activists. Drying of aids would stunt the educational growth of the general population. With less education, the closed minded beliefs and dependency on the WORDS OF GOD and BIBLE would continue. The Christian Missionaries would continue their vacation trips to these countries and preach intolerance and hate. Education and broadminded approach can only counter attack this insurgence.

So now the UN is in limbo. To support or not to support that is the question. I say stop all aid to these countries. But its easy for me to say this living in a 1st world country. But first and foremost government from every country need to stop all funding of christian organizations. That’s primary. And then deal with the rest and it would be easier.

Why Atheists and Gays go hand in hand in the western world?

After I moved to Canada, I was really surprised at how many gays I met who claimed to be non-believer. It almost felt like being an atheist is a prerequisite to be gay.

The hundreds of gays I met back in India, hardly any if at all, were non-believers. Although I grew up among two non-believers in my family. My Dad’s brother and his wife. Their general attitude or reasoning behind being atheists were that, they were too learned and scientifically inclined to believe in God. Which was perfectly fine. Every human being has the right to choose what they want and don’t want to believe.

But here it is different. I generally get a very vague reasoning or nothing at all. “I don’t believe in God.” It starts and ends in that one sentence. That’s when it got me thinking, whether it has something to do with how the religion is taught.

Could the constant preaching in the church about homosexuality being an abomination, and how every gay man or woman would burn in hell, have anything to do with this?

In our religion, I have never been told or heard any discussion relating to sex or sexual behavior of humans. This could be because Indians think sex in general is taboo (gay or straight) and not something to be discussed in public. The priests and saints who we meet in our day to day life do not discuss sex. So we had no idea as kids that sex and religion were connected.  To us they were two totally different entities.  Till ofcourse, when homosexuality was decriminalized in 2009 and made headlines, that’s when religious honchos (muslims, christians and hindus) sat at the same side of the table and started their anti-gay campaign. Never before have they been united this way. We made it possible, (pun intended).

Another reason could be, how it is preached. There is a marked difference between how we learn whats right and whats wrong in our childhood through religion and how the west does, in my opinion.

The negative or the positive approach, which would have the same result in the end, anyway. Let me elaborate:

I can say: If you steal, you will burn in hell.


I can say: If you never give in to temptation and stay honest, God will reward you.

As a child if I hear the first, I would feel, God is someone to be afraid of. HE is strict, and punishes you the harshest way possible for your mistakes. On the other hand, if I hear the 2nd version, I would see God as someone who rewards you for your good deeds, appreciates you and someone who is full of love and compassion. At the sametime it is understood that if I am not honest, I will not be rewarded. The way I see it, I would rather do something to get rewarded than not do something in fear of being punished. Although both would acquire the same result.

Lastly, in hindu mythology, there are so many references of gender queerness, that even someone who hasn’t read religious books in depth, knows, homosexuality, did not spring up out of the blue in the last century but has been there since the existence of the human race. A few that I can think of right now:

1) Shiva’s another avataar Ardha Narishwar (ardha= half, narishwar= woman and man)

 ” To Create the Universe, Lord Shiva separated his power (Shakti) from himself. Shiva represents the Masculine power, while Shakti the feminine. Since both masculine (Shiva) and feminine (Shakti) are part of him, shiva is known as Ardh-Nar-Nari-shwar (God who is half male and half female).” (SHIVALAYA: author VIVEK)

2) Shikhandi:  Born with female genital organs, Shikhandi was raised a son, taught warfare and statecraft. He was even given a wife. On his wedding night, the wife, was horrified to discover that her husband was actually a woman. and left him. A distraught Shikhandi went to the forest, holding himself responsible for the crisis, intent on killing himself. There he met a giant  who took pity on him and gave him his manhood for one night. With the giant’s manhood, Shikhandi made love to a concubine sent by his father-in-law and proved he was no woman. The wife was therefore forced to return. Now, it so happened, the king of the giants, was furious with what had happened and so cursed the giant that he would not get his manhood back so long as Shikhandi lived. As a result what was supposed to be with him for one night remained with him till death. So Shikhandi, born with a female body, acquired a giant’s manhood.

3) Vichitravirya: Another character in Mahabharata which means (queer masculinity).

4) Bhangashvana: A powerful king who was cursed by God to be a woman. As a man he had a wife and children and as a woman he had a husband and bore him children. Hence he was a man to his wife and a woman to his husband.

There are hoards of other references which I can tabulate, but this should do for now. This clearly indicates, although India as the rest of the world had a very pro-hetero patriarchal society, it did not condemn or sweep under the floor boards the existence of non-heterosexual, alternate sexuality.

Even with so many evidences, if Indians find it so difficult to accept homosexuality, I can imagine a religion which apparently explicitly says “Man should not sleep with mankind, as womankind”,  would be hard pressed to accept gays.

So maybe, growing up learning about these mythological characters, we sub-consciously know that we are not freak of nature. There were gays before us and there would be gays after us and finding the references in religious books, we don’t grow up being anti-God. When we struggle as youths to accept our alternate sexuality, we find solace in these characters. Something I guess, the west don’t have the luxury of doing.

ONTARIO election campaign riding high on homophobia

Ontario PCs latest flyer just days before the election hits the gay community below the belt.

Politics is always dirty, full of lies, eye wash, cover up and false hopes and promises. But this is absolutely disgraceful, tasteless and downright spiteful. Playing on parental emotions, this below flyer may not fly high on its goal achievement, nonetheless the desperation of Tim Hudak is evident. But just not alienating the entire LGBT community but also using them for such a vile campaign… makes me wonder how smart a move is it.

But again, Rob Ford won inspite of his blatant homophobia. His win may have actually made others realize that to win an election, they don’t need the votes of the queer community. And if that’s true, its very disturbing indeed. Partly we are to be blame too. Most of us don’t care to vote. So people like Ford win uncontested. From Toronto’s angle, it will be interesting to see how homophobic leaders in 3 levels will affect our lives.

We already have Ford as mayor. God forbid if we get someone like Hudak as premier and then we already have Harper sitting on the throne. We might as well pack our backs and claim refugee status in Uganda.

A few months back, I think during one of the council elections, one of the candidates came knocking at my door and handed in his flyer and asked me to consider him when voting. I wish Hudak would do that too. But I don’t think he will dare to go door door with that flyer specially in the gay village and neighbourhood.

WB Church to picket fag marriages

Westboro Baptist Church’s schedule of picketing on the 24th at the ‘Fag Marriages’ across NY. The above listing taken from Joe.My.God blog.

How desperately the psychos are fighting a losing battle. Really sad and at the same time funny and source of  free comic relief and entertainment.

Anyone in NY want to see the faces of losers first hand? The itinerary is right here.

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