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Westboro Baptist Church… a group of twisted minds

A tiny church in some godforsaken town in the States will picket the funeral of Elizabeth Taylor, the same way they have done at number of other funerals.

Check out the details from the blog post of The New Civil Rights Movement

The Westboro Baptist Church has nothing better to do than spit venom against gays. They are a family of crazy people who get off on talking about gay sex. Fred Phelps uses the idea and talk of gay people and gay sex as Viagra. The women get wet between their legs just thinking about 2 hard penises together and the men get hard and get off by just thinking about two male bodies in sexual embrace.

If you see the pic in the link, one of the posters they are holding has a pic of one man bending over and the other standing behind with an erection. That’s how much they like gay sex.

I love it. The more I see, what a bunch of idiots that group is, the more I can’t help but laugh. They remind me of the tiny dogs, who can do nothing but bark like crazy and think they are a hound or something.

So they would picket Liz’s funeral… I say go for it. Let the world see what a bunch of douche bag they are.

RIP Liz Taylor.


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