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The Ad MSNBC won’t air about Tony Perkins

MSNBC rejected an ad about Tony Perkins, which shows how vile, hateful he and his Family Research Council is. Incidentally Tony had been invited 23 times on MSNBC just in the past year. Worth mentioning Family Research Council  has been labled by Southern Poverty Law Centre as a hate group.

But here is what I figure why MSNBC refused to air the ad. The ad along with denouncing the bigoted and false claims of Perkins also criticizes MSNBC for giving him so much air-time. Which company in their right mind would publish something that paints them in a bad light?

If the organization had thought it out a little bit, they would have done the ad differently, by focusing and talking about just FRC and Perkins and not mention MSNBC (if their aim was to see that it airs on that perticular channel). Its like someone giving me a certificate which says I am a disgusting man and threat to the society and wants me to frame it and hang it in my living room.


FRC: White House doing “It Gets Better” video is ‘disgusting’

Family Research Council‘s latest resort to get donation. As per Tony Perkins, anti-bullying efforts are ‘disgusting’. The White House making a “It Gets Better” video is deplorable.  As per him, true Christian kids have the right to bully and bash LGBT kids whenever and wherever they can get the chance.

Just when you thought the religious fascists could sink no lower.

Attached script from Joe.My.God.

NOM’s “successful” Valuebus tour in IOWA

National Organization for Marriage (NOM) like last year, did their Values Voter Bus tour through the state of IOWA. They proudly announced that they covered 22 cities and more than 1300 miles in 5 days.

Brian Brown had been tweeting for sometime, congratulating everybody who made this event a “success’. And by doing that he redefined “success.” He was not satisfied by just congratulating the 20 people who made it a “success” but went to to release this video. Whatever was left to imagination, before, is not for everyone to see.

There are few shots of 10 to 15 people spread out in front of the bus to make it look like there were tons of people attending the events. You can see kids between the age of 5 and 10 holding up banners. What do they know of marriage and NOM?

Most of the video is focused on the the speakers like Rick Santorum but the camera doesn’t move from their face to the audience so that we can get a clear view of how many were in actual attendance. They could be speaking to an empty venue/lawn for all we know.

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