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Gay 15 year old student gets beaten up

Union Scioto High School student at Chillicothe, Ohio was brutally beaten up for being gay. There is a video footage of what took place.

The student was left with a possible concussion and a broken tooth. There were by standers but no one came to help as per the victim. And as a punishment for attacking a kid for being gay, all the attacker got was a 3 days suspension.

The student informed that his attacker called him “the definition of a faggot” on Facebook. Victims mother was quoted saying “All those people who have that hate in their heart, they need to let it go. Because people are going to be who they are.”

Towleroad, which first reported the incident also reports that “Union-​Scioto has no policy in place that specifically protects students from being bullied or attacked based on sexual orientation or gender identity. The Union-​Scioto Local School District does have a policy that prohibits harassment based on sex, race, color, national origin, religion, disability, among others, but it does not specifically protect against harassment based on sexual orientation or gender identity.”

The video which was initially posted on Facebook is below. If you go through the comments section of the video, you will find one guy commenting “boys will be boys”. That kind of comment is disturbing and scary. Having a fight, or wrestling between two guys where both want to do it and just beating up someone who is not interested in picking up a fight is not being ‘ boys will be boys.’ Although both the situations are wrong. One doesn’t need to fight to prove they are men, but to beat up someone for being gay is ‘homophobes will be homophobes’.


John Snow Pub- Kiss and Tell

This was the scene at London’s Soho district in front of John Snow Pub, yesterday evening in protest of eviction of a gay couple for kissing, in the pub.

Here is a video which had account of one of the victims and one of the observers.

I am personally not a big fan of PDA ( public display of affection ). Having said that, a few kisses hasn’t harmed anybody ever. One can meeting and greeting someone with a kiss is fine with me. But when that kiss turns to a prelude to taking your clothes off, thats absolutely unacceptable. Gay or straight doesn’t matter. I see more straight couples doing that, than gays, unless ofcourse its a gay night club.

To me, there are lots of other ways of showing your love than shoving your tongue down another’s throat. Well again, it could be my Indian background talking. For me, a kiss for more than 4 or 5 seconds in public is not acceptable.

One can show affection in public but not passion.

I wasn’t there, so can’t say whether it was two guys sealing their first date with a kiss or lick starting a night of passion.

Either way, I agree with Mr. Tatchell that, no matter how offensive it might have been  to some people, a straight couple would not have been thrown out.

I am proud and happy that so many people came out to support the couple and made a point and thats what counts.

So Much Hatred……!!!!!

I had a very clear idea what I am going to talk about in my blogs, but to start my first one, I needed a push. I might add, a big push. And this came from the below news that left me speechless.

What Mr. McCance wrote on facebook, if we are to believe that he meant every word of it, to me its the mindset of a murderer. Someone who has no qualms about people being killed or committing suicide or says, would enjoy a mass human destruction, is that much close to being a killer himself.

Every killer justifies their doing, no matter how bizarre they might seem to others. Mr. Clint McCance has a very strong reason…his hatred towards homosexuals.

He went on to apologize on CNN later and said how sorry he was.  Did he apologize because of the stink it caused, or does he really mean it.

What I think? He doesn’t mean a single word of the apology. What he wrote on facebook is what he believes and thinks is right and should happen. Over night, his entire belief cannot change. He is the same person. He would still have the same hatred embedded inside him. Only difference? He would be more careful, where he vents his anger, hatred next time.

If you have seen his interview with Anderson Cooper, you must have noticed that he repeatedly said, he had chosen the wrong WORDS.  So his concern was the choice of words and not the message he conveyed through them. That means, if he had chosen less hateful words, less stronger words, he would not have offered an apology. His entire apology was for all the wrong reasons. He never figured it out that it was not the choice of words but the message that was the point of discussion.

There are hundreds and thousands of McCances out there, who are not stupid like him to publicly slander us. In silence, they are hoping and praying that we should all die.

But the good thing is…… we are here to stay. They can pray and wish and hope all they want. We were always there, we will always be there. If they can’t deal with it…too bad.

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