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Let there be war… and there was Randy Thomasson

As per Randy Thomasson’s declaration, there is slight role reversal. Now it looks like, instead of the LGBTQ community, the hateful, bible thumping Christians need to declare Civil War. They want independence. Does it not look like all of a sudden these so called straight christian groups have started to identify themselves as the minority. We have become the majority in their mind and they need a civil war to free themselves from our clutches? I absolutely hilarious.

But maybe its true. LGBTQ and their allies together would out number these leeches.

And you know what… I can’t wait for them to declare a war. Its about time. Do they really think, all those big corporations who just give these anti-gay organizations dollars are actually going to come down and fight then he has another thought coming.

And last time I checked there was democracy in America. What does he mean, “the pastors need to teach people how to vote Christianly”. Is he for real?


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