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Anti-gay Rabbi on CBS Board

So now we have an openly anti-gay Rabbi Reuven Bulka joining CBS board.

I fail to understand the co-relation between such an act and legalization of homosexuality and same sex marriage in this country.

I may be very naive, but what I thought was, when a government/ country legalizes homosexuality and awards equal rights to same sex couples and give them the right to marry, it is trying to shun prejudice and bigotry.

But, we did not get equal rights, did we?

I gave blood to my Mom when she had surgery and to my Dad when he was hospitalized. And I donated blood, too. But that was in India, where at that time homosexuality was still a criminal offence. So no one asked these questions. I didn’t have to disclose my sexuality.

That makes me think, maybe we were better off. So its win some, lose some. We can’t get it all. The¬†Government’s equality agenda is a sham?

So I have two choices. Either I brood on this loss of equality and be angry and frustrated or try to see a brighter side. The brighter side is hospitals don’t refuse blood to the needy gay men. ¬†That means all the ‘straight’ people can donate blood all they want for them and for us. Whether they hate us or love us, their blood just might end up in the body of a gay man. Thats a very comforting thought. Inadvertently they are helping us.

Even all the platelets this Anti-gay Rabbi has donated all his live might just have saved quite a few gay men. I would rather have them donating blood for me than I donating for them. Now THAT, for me, is a trump.

So go on, keep donating and keep saving our lives. I don’t want to donate, and definitely don’t want to save YOUR life.


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