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A convicted felon, a Bible thumper is asking for civil disobidience against federal government

Chuck Colson who is a convicted Watergate felon and a Bible thumping Christian is asking all Christians to rise in civil disobidience against the federal government for passing laws that are anti-discriminatory and protects LGBT people.

Wonder if he could be arrested for urging people in a mass scale to rise up in revolt against the government? Throw him in jail?? He should be at home there. Afterall that was his 2nd home at one point. He is what he has to say to all Christians….


DADT repeal poses another “problem” for Christians in military

Chaplains in military bases claim that after DADT is put to rest, they would not be able to follow religion as they want to. They would be forced to not talk about homosexuality as an abomination as the Bible “clearly says” because now there would be openly LGBT people attending the sermons.

It has started to look to me that the entire Bible is about gays and lesbians. There is no other topics that have been discussed there. So if the main topic of Bible which apparently is “Hate, kill, torture,demonize,oppress,suppress,ridicule gays” cannot be discussed while praying then its like stifling the voices of honourable christians. Its taking away law abiding, patriotic christian americans’ right to follow their religion.

Is that really how it is? In a half hour or 1 hour sermon, the chaplains will HAVE to talk about homosexuality and its negative effect on mankind or else its not praying at all. That’s really sad. I can’t help but feel sorry for this Christians.

It’s ok to say “FAG”

Then it’s ok to say “BREEDER” too.

According to James Manning, the Pentecostal minister, HomosexualityBestiality. Never got the connection, myself.

He talks about men or women not getting a partner would turn to bestiality, and that somehow is related to gays. If we go by that, all the people in this world who don’t get regular sex, end up having sex with animals. Wow…thats some equation.

That theory of his is more solid than the Pythagoras Theorem. And he is calling all the “normal” people to stand up against homosexuality and to emphasize the abomination caused by us. It’s OK to call us FAGS, or sodomites or bulldagger… never heard that term before. Homosexuality is worse than sin so in Bible there is no remedy for this kind of behavior.

Or could it be that the reason there is no remedy in the Bible for homosexuality is simply because it is not considered a sin??? Just saying.

And oh, I forgot to mention… AIDS happened in a man’s toilet, please remember that,  incase science  told you otherwise. A man had sex with a donkey and then had sex with a woman and thus AIDS was spread. Scientists should take a crash course from him.

For once, watching the video, I was not angry and that surprised me at first. Then I realized, whatever he said in the video was so ridiculous that all I could, was feel sorry for him. He seemed almost like someone who knows he has lost his battle and this is his last desperate attempt to fight back.

But mind you, its a one sided battle. We didn’t want to fight. They made this into a war, between FAGS and BREEDERS. Our fighting back is an answer to their call.

You want it that way, want to stand up and push back? We know exactly how to do that too.

Bring it on.

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