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To support or not to support; That is the question for Britain

Uganda with its infamous anti-gay policies is accusing Britain for bullying them after the British Prime Minister announced that his country would freeze all financial aid to countries that treat their LGBT citizens unfairly.

An official from Uganda told BBC that the country is “tired of these lectures” and they should be allowed to follow the words of God and continue their brutality on their LGBT citizens with no retribution.

A synopsis of financial aid to Uganda last year

In 2010, US aid to Uganda went to:

$384 million  Global Health and Child Survival
$71 million  Development Assistance
$25 million  Food Aid
$1.5 million  Int’l Narcotics Control and Law Enforcement
$0.6 million  International Military Education and Training
$0.3 million  Foreign Military Financing

Britain would have spend equal amount if not more on foreign aid too. Its not hard to see why they would want to redirect this whopping amount of money to something more useful than help a country which is ignorant, unjust, stubborn and going down the path of self destruction.

But there is an apparent problem in drying up the aid. Human Rights activists from Ghana and Nigeria have stated that they believe if the financial aids are stopped, there would be sever repercussions on the already threatened LGBT citizens. They would be blamed by the government for the under development and the rate of violence might increase.

If we for a minute believe that this could be the outcome, for how long would the government blame the gays? We are not talking about a month or two months of non-funding. It would be permanent or till they mend their ways. A time will come when the government officials would have to give in and change their policies, because by just torturing the gays will not get them money. Or they can put their trust on God and wait for HIM to provide with what they need. I am sure they have that much of faith in their God and religion. For after all they are following the words of God so help should come from HIM.

So what do we have in hand. Either let them follow the words of GOD and criminalize and murder gays and continue funding them with hundreds of millions of dollars and pounds, or cut all aid and still see them do the same things what they are doing now with maybe a little bit more vengeance. To be noted, these are assumptions on the part of the LGBT activists and we have no way of knowing for sure if that’s exactly what will happen.

There is a flip side to stopping the financial aid apart from just the assumption of the Human Rights activists. Drying of aids would stunt the educational growth of the general population. With less education, the closed minded beliefs and dependency on the WORDS OF GOD and BIBLE would continue. The Christian Missionaries would continue their vacation trips to these countries and preach intolerance and hate. Education and broadminded approach can only counter attack this insurgence.

So now the UN is in limbo. To support or not to support that is the question. I say stop all aid to these countries. But its easy for me to say this living in a 1st world country. But first and foremost government from every country need to stop all funding of christian organizations. That’s primary. And then deal with the rest and it would be easier.


BREAKING: UK Ban on Gay Men donating blood to be lifted

The United Kingdom has proposed to lift the lifetime ban on gay and bisexual men from donating blood.

Men who have not had sex with another man in the past 12 months, now would be allowed to donate blood in Wales, Scotland and England. Northern Ireland has not reached a decision yet but is expected to declare their stand on the issue soon.

The restriction which was brought forth at the wake of HIV outbreak in the 80s are not relevant in today’s time as proposed by the latest medical evidences.

More detailed report can be viewed by the BBC.

Here is hoping, other countries like Canada and US would follow suit soon.

Pakistan includes transgenders in a seperate category

Pakistan has given a ground breaking ruling to allow transgenders to have their own gender category in official documents.

This is a huge step in gender equality and coming from a conservative country like Pakistan, it calls for kudos and appreciation.

They would be able to choose an alternative gender from the regular Male or Female when applying for their National Identity Cards.

As can be seen in the video, this could be the opening of the door this community needed to get proper jobs and not resort to begging, something they were forced to do for being treated as a 3rd grade citizen in their own country.

Whats the WIIFM factor the government? Why all of a sudden such a radical decision?

Well… the obvious reason would be, if this community gets NIC and get proper jobs, the number of tax payers would increase. Hence more money for the government.

But this is a win win situation for both parties.  When both parties benifit out of a decision, it cannot be wrong.

So congratulations Pakistan!! Well Done.

John Snow Pub- Kiss and Tell

This was the scene at London’s Soho district in front of John Snow Pub, yesterday evening in protest of eviction of a gay couple for kissing, in the pub.

Here is a video which had account of one of the victims and one of the observers.

I am personally not a big fan of PDA ( public display of affection ). Having said that, a few kisses hasn’t harmed anybody ever. One can meeting and greeting someone with a kiss is fine with me. But when that kiss turns to a prelude to taking your clothes off, thats absolutely unacceptable. Gay or straight doesn’t matter. I see more straight couples doing that, than gays, unless ofcourse its a gay night club.

To me, there are lots of other ways of showing your love than shoving your tongue down another’s throat. Well again, it could be my Indian background talking. For me, a kiss for more than 4 or 5 seconds in public is not acceptable.

One can show affection in public but not passion.

I wasn’t there, so can’t say whether it was two guys sealing their first date with a kiss or lick starting a night of passion.

Either way, I agree with Mr. Tatchell that, no matter how offensive it might have been  to some people, a straight couple would not have been thrown out.

I am proud and happy that so many people came out to support the couple and made a point and thats what counts.

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