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Ellen, JC Penny commercials all here for you

Each commercial of JC Penny and Ellen, I see as a tight slap in the faces of 1 Million Moms. Thats a lot of slaps……


Advocate’s candid interview with Dan Savage

Instead of rewriting the whole interview, I will just put the link here.

Savage talks about a lot of things from his new show on MTV called Savage U, Rick Santorum, to being glitter bombed by trans group.

TV9 apologises

So the channel apologized for the sting operation it ran against the LGBT commuity in Hyderabad and made a story which was biased and lacked authenticity, research and down right ignorant and hateful.

People petitioned and pushed and complained against the atrocious coverage which finally resulted in the above apology.

But seriously, I have never seen such a hurried (lets get it over with) kind of apology by a company ever in my life. It was almost like running a low budget commercial which had to be wraped up in 20 secs. We grew up with those kind of commercials and we all know we never bought those products ever. And we don’t buy this either.

The title of the Youtube video is “We won, TV9 apologised.” 

But is this really a win. Yes, maybe. The comments from different people under the video voice the same thing. Everyone thinks its half hearted. I agree. Its absolutely half hearted, the anchor should have been the one apologysing or actual people from the TV company and not just a slide show with a voice.

But beyond all this, a time slot on their channel airing this apology, in which ever form, has taken this to hundreds and thousands of households.  And that is a victory. Its like a small stone dropped in a lake but the ripples spread far and wide.

For India… its a huge step. Within a year of decriminalizing homosexuality to forcing a Tv station to apologize to the LGBT community.. its huge. But I won’t go that far to congratulate TV9 for this. Because there is nothing to congratulate for apologizing for a mistake they shouldn’t have done in the first place.

But they did it and we accept it. And now its time to move on.

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