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George Michael slams hate group who prayed for his death

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While George Michael was hospitalized in Austria with a sever case of pneumonia, Christians for Moral America urged other fellow christians to pray for his death. They even claimed that his illness was actually AIDS posting on twitter that, ” Apparently George Michael has AIDS. Figures since he’s a homosexual and it goes with the territory. Another sodomite bites the dust?” Another twitter id @godswordislaw (incidentally he was following me thinking I was a female, and he initially was more anti-woman than anti-gay. When he learnt I was male,  he stopped his offensive tweets towards me and the fact that I was gay didn’t really matter to him at that time. Satisfied that I was male, he unfollowed me) wrote, “Pray for George Michael’s demise. He has chosen a satanic lifestyle and must meet an appropriate end.”

The Christians for Moral America wrote on its blog  “It’s almost symbolic that just after the 20th anniversary of Freddie Mercury’s death from AIDS that another famous homosexual would succumb to this disease. We pray that George Michael has found salvation through Christ in his last days otherwise he will pay for his unrepentant lifestyle in hell.”

To all this Michael took to twitter and wrote,” Did you know that while I was fighting for my life in Austria there were a bunch of those lovely American ‘Christian’ organisations, who call themselves “Christians for a Moral America”,who were actually taking the time to pray for me to die… How very sweet of them, considering how busy they must be on the whole.

Now don’t get me wrong, I know for a fact that many devout christians, such as the ones I work rest and play with on a daily basis, are truly wonderful, kind hearted men and women who take the best parts of that religion and live admirable, generous and loving lives.

But In my opinion, and i think made evident by those who prayed for my death, there are others who use their twisted interpretations of ancient scriptures as a pathetic excuse to be…….wait for it, wait for it…….! Totally fucked up cocksucking bastards.”

Love you, love you, love you from those last few words. Thats the language these people understand.


The scale tips towards Gays getting infected with HIV more than female sexworkers in India

For the longest time in India, HIV was a decease predominant among the female sex workers in India. For decades now, they have carried the stigma and faced the brunt.

Finally, latest study shows new HIV infection are more among gay men and drug users than among females. Hindustantimes issued a new article which gives the latest comparitive figures from 2000 and 2009.

There were 120,000 new HIV infection cases out of which 7.3% were gays and drug users while female sex workers were 4.94%. This data was collected in 2009. In sharp contrast to the data collected in 2000 where out of 270,000 new infection registration 11% were female sex-workers and gays accounted for only 4.3%.

According to Sayan Chatterjee, secretery in the department of AIDS control in the health ministry, the concern now is the estimated 250,000 gay men who fall in the high-risk catagory of infection. The states which were previously saw less prevelance of HIV are now the most vulnerable. States like Orissa, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, West Bangal, UP, Rajasthan and Gujrat have more HIV positive men.

The new 5 year plan (2012-2017) would essentially focus more on this states and the LGBT population.

DOMA’s wrath is likely to destroy another family

Bradford Wells and Anthony John Makk have been legally married for 7 years. Although the state of Massachusetts acknowledges the marriage, the federal government does not. As a result, in spite of being married and having been together for 19 years, Anthony faces deportation to his native country Australia in a couple of weeks.

Apart from the obvious repercussions that they will have to face if Anthony is deported, there is  another very crucial aspect they will have to deal with… and that is Bradford’s advanced AIDS condition. Anthony is the sole caregiver and if he is deported, Brad is going to lose his caregiver and he has no idea how he would go about with his daily life without help.

President Obama has already declared Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) as unconstitutional and stated, his administration will not defend its constitutionality in court cases.   But till DOMA is repealed, it stays in effect and on the basis of the law, none of the same-sex marriages across the country are recognized by the federal government.

So Bradford’s love, affection, commitment to his partner has no value in the eyes of his country’s government just because the partner happens to be a man.

It’s ok to say “FAG”

Then it’s ok to say “BREEDER” too.

According to James Manning, the Pentecostal minister, HomosexualityBestiality. Never got the connection, myself.

He talks about men or women not getting a partner would turn to bestiality, and that somehow is related to gays. If we go by that, all the people in this world who don’t get regular sex, end up having sex with animals. Wow…thats some equation.

That theory of his is more solid than the Pythagoras Theorem. And he is calling all the “normal” people to stand up against homosexuality and to emphasize the abomination caused by us. It’s OK to call us FAGS, or sodomites or bulldagger… never heard that term before. Homosexuality is worse than sin so in Bible there is no remedy for this kind of behavior.

Or could it be that the reason there is no remedy in the Bible for homosexuality is simply because it is not considered a sin??? Just saying.

And oh, I forgot to mention… AIDS happened in a man’s toilet, please remember that,  incase science  told you otherwise. A man had sex with a donkey and then had sex with a woman and thus AIDS was spread. Scientists should take a crash course from him.

For once, watching the video, I was not angry and that surprised me at first. Then I realized, whatever he said in the video was so ridiculous that all I could, was feel sorry for him. He seemed almost like someone who knows he has lost his battle and this is his last desperate attempt to fight back.

But mind you, its a one sided battle. We didn’t want to fight. They made this into a war, between FAGS and BREEDERS. Our fighting back is an answer to their call.

You want it that way, want to stand up and push back? We know exactly how to do that too.

Bring it on.

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