Something About Me

This is the first time I am attempting to write a blog, so please bare with me.

So introducing me to everyone is in order.

I am Indian but live in Canada now. My job is in the Hospitality and Tourism field. Live alone…maybe thats why I have so much of time to blog. 🙂

Oh! Yah…I am gay.

The reason I started this blog, is because, I am passionate about LGBT issues. I have lots to say about whats going on across the world in the LGBT community. Instead of holding someone down and making that person listen to what I have got to say and in the process, torturing him, I thought it would be a good idea to have a blog of my own and that way..whoever wants can read it.

Feel free to leave comments. My ideas are a bit radical, I must admit, so thats another reason why I am writing this blog…To get a rough idea, how many people think the way I do.

So here we go…………………..


Comments on: "Something About Me" (2)

  1. I can’t tell you how much I agree with you about the fools who have to make all of us look bad by: going naked in front of children, women with their breasts exposed, and, as you say, pointing out what we do in the bedroom, etc. One rarely sees non-Gay people behave this way. And all the while, telling our enemies that we are no different than they are, and most of us aren’t. It’s really disgusting. It gives more fuel for the far right evangelicals, etc., to say that “Gay” is just arrested development. Can’t these Gay idiots see how they hurt all of us? Are they just selfish assholes? Or children who can’t, or won’t, control themselves and behave like adults? We are demanding equality. Great. But if I didn’t know better,which I do, and if I were not Gay, which I am, I would see these fools and say to myself “I’m not so sure they ARE like everyone else.” Sorry, but this also applies to drag queens marching in parades, looking mostly like clowns. That should be saved for another occasion, but not when Cuomo in New York marches with us to show his solidarity with us. Can’t we show enough class, and gratitude to Cuomo, to demonstrate that everything has it’s own time and place? And that we know the difference? Why can’t we all see the damage this does to us.
    Ps. Please withhold my email address from public display. Thank you.

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