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GONE GIRL: There were lots more “Gone” than just the girl in the movie. Like
1. A marriage ‘gone’ wrong
2. A wife ‘gone’ off her rockers
3. ‘Gone’ was any logic
4. ‘Gone’ was any rhyme or reason
5. ‘Gone’ was any feeling of satisfaction after watching the movie
6. ‘Gone’ was any justification for spending my money
7. ‘Gone’ were 2 hours of my life I will never get back

Now lets talk about what all were present
1. Ben Afflec
2. Ben Afflec
3. Ben Afflec
4. Ben Afflec
5. Ben Afflec
6. A creepy but brilliant Rosamund Pike
7. A sense of horrified disbelief

That pretty much sums it up.



Christopher Nolan’s most ambitious project yet. A movie that spans across 3 planets, 2 galaxies, a warm hole and a black hole, a story more abstract than Inception, more fantastic than the Batman trilogy and more magical than Prestige.

A world in the verge of extinction, a community struggling to survive, a government disqualifying everything science achieved in space.

Cooper (Matthew McConaughe), an astronaut who is forced to become just a farmer in order to survive on a dying planet, is asked by NASA to take an epic journey across galaxies to find a new home for mankind.

True to the movie’s promotional catch phrase, it is definitely an IMAX experience. We witness a side of Nolan we had never seen before. His grasp of human relationships and weaving that emotional quotient in an otherwise sci fi thriller was brilliant. As you watch the drama unfold, the sheer magnitude of the canvas makes it almost impossible to wrap your mind around. Your every sense is fine tuned to a degree where they react to every blast and every pin drop, every dust storm, 100 ft waves, frozen clouds and massive expanse of barren, icy planet land.

But at the same time, your mind is in free fall. Desperately trying to grasp a shred of understanding but very soon loses any sense of time and space.

‘Inception’ was an absurd and abstract idea but as one sits watching the movie the whole concept seems legit and credible. But ‘ Interstellar’ with it’s constant name dropping of quantum physics, relativity and gravity, never could achieve credibility for this outrageous concept.

It still didn’t matter. It was a 3 dimensional audio, visual treat like no other up until Nolan succumbed to the gravitational pull of cliche’d Hollywood drama and dragged us into a black hole from which when we finally emerged, everything had changed.

The secret weapon in Nolan’s arsenal which I am sure was intended to be something similar to a spectacular meteor/star shower, was actually the reason why the movie did a full 180° on it’s axis and from incredible it just became Meh.

But it’s still a must watch, if not for anything else, then at least for the visual splendour. I never thought there was any room left for my love and respect to grow for Matthew McConaughe but seeing him in one particular scene my heart swelled with so much pride and emotion that I couldn’t breathe. Ever dependable Jessica Chastain and Mackenzie Foy as Murph were unadulterated brilliance. ***1/2

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