Amazing Spiderman 2

The Amazing Spider Man 2 1280x1024 Wallpaper # 1
 There was a time when the French used to have 12 course meals. The 7th course called the Releve or Rest course was a breather before the remaining 5 courses.
AMAZING SPIDERMAN 2 felt exactly like French dinner but without the breather. It brought a lot of exotic things to the table but as you meander through the courses trying to savour the taste of each,every new plot wipes away all flavour and memory of the last till (after a few false alarms) you finally finish your meal feeling really full but having no idea with what.
The cooking – he is no French chef but probably a wannabe from south Texas. So you get a distinct hint of how it should be but that’s about it. It lacked sophistication, charm, presentation and most importantly, harmony. The jump from one plot to the next was disjointed, jittery and felt like weekly episodes of a tv series.
Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield may have on and off screen chemistry but their love life is supposed to be the sub plot and spiderman’s heroic acts should have been the main course. Looked like someone forgot to mention that to the director.
The comic reliefs in the previous Spiderman movies came from cute and sensitive comedy of error sequences woven into his life. Toby Maguire’s Peter Parker was insecure, unassuming, socially awkward; a walking disaster. Andrew Garfield’ s Spiderman is streetsmart, dashing, sure (except when it comes to his love life) and spits out one liners like a late night talk show host while facing his enemy.
By the end of the movie if you feel Electrode was cooler than Spiderman, it’s saying something. If there ever was a classic example of what wonders a lot of smart marketing and hype can do to a very hackaneyed product, Amazing Spiderman 2 is it

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