Over the years, we have seen lots of multi-million dollar movies with huge star caste and they felt as if all efforts had been spent into gathering top actors and little into the actual story or character development, resulting into hollow storyline, one dimensional half backed caricature of characters with blink and you miss screen times.
And then there is X-Men: Days of Future Past. Although it has all the ingredients to be an epic disaster of a film with the creme de la creme of Hollywood actors and a very complex storyline, it turned out to be storytelling at it’s best.
Brian Singer and Michael Vaughn’s expert narrative is a party for your senses. It builds up to a crescendo and explodes into a visually spectacular and emotionally charged climax that leaves you breathless but still yearning for more.
Inspite of the brilliant starcast from both old and the new X-Men movies Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Jennifer Lawrence, Hugh Jackman, Ellen Page, Halley Berry, Michael Fassbender and Peter Dinklage, the one that reigns supreme is James McAvoy. Charles’s vulnerability, pain, hopelessness, dejection and betrayal permeates your mind (it’s his special power after all) and takes you on an emotional roller- coaster ride providing the right amount of laughter and tear. His love/hate relationship with Erik is powerful, funny (at times) and heartbreaking. Charles’s struggle with the others to reconcile with the fact that they are different and to learn to love themselves for who they are and how they look even if they don’t conform to the norms of the society is heartfelt and genuine. JLaw as Raven/Mystique is splendid. You will love her for her vulnerability, get frustrated by her stubbornness and cheer for not destroying the future and ofcourse for saving Logan.
In my opinion, Days of Future Past is by far the best installment in the X-Men saga.
Oh! By the way, sit through the casting in the end and you will be in for a surprise.


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