Love Punch

Pierce Brosnan, Emma Thompson, Timothy Spall. A mindless, feel good, total time pass comedy. It was not a true story which is a welcome change because it seemed true stories were the flavour of this years TIFF. Brosnan and Thompson are a divorced couple who one day find themselves stripped off their life’s savings by a French company who took over the company Brosnan had been working for all his life and shut it down. With all his pension gone, company’s shares hitting rock bottom, their desperation to take back what was rightfully their’s take them to Paris to confront the young new owner. Being unceremoniously thrown out of the office worked as a catalyst to their plan of stealing a huge rock (diamond ) which the owner had bought for 1.5 million $ as gift for his gorgeous would be wife on wedding day. And this becomes the premise of a hilarious British comedy.
Brosnan was charismatic ( when is he not ), the lovely Ms.Thompson was superb, her comic timing bang on and this was my first time seeing Timothy Spall as anything else but Peter Petigrew. If you want just a feel good movie, which will make you laugh and leave a smile on your lips while you exit the theatre, this is the one.


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