The movie I had been looking forward to all festival and crossing my fingers and toes too so that I get to watch it, was KILL YOUR DARLINGS. Based on Beat Generation ( A group of post World War II American writers Allen Ginsberg, William S Burroughs, Jack Kerouac, Lucien Carr and not really a part of the Beat Generation but still essentially a part of their individual lives David Kammerer.) A gripping taut murder mystery, where there were no real mystery as such, as the movie opens with the scene which tells the audience who murdered who. The rest of the movie is a flashback of how the guys first met and what led to the murder. The movie had enough potential to slack and drag and go off track, but in his directorial debut, John Krokidas does a remarkable job, and of course a huge portion of the credit goes to the editor for the crisp and edgy editing. Daniel Radcliffe as Allen Grinsberg is stupendous ( a very courageous undertaking ), Ben Foster as William S Burroughs, Michael C Hall as Kammerer fit the roles as a snug pair of gloves but Dane DeHaan probably was tailor made for his role as Lucien Carr, for his golden good looks and it is not difficult for the audience to understand why a professor ( Kammerer ) twice his age, Ginsberg ( his classmate in Columbia University ) and Kerouac ( college jock with a beautiful girlfriend ) were head over heels in love/lust over him.


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