I, Frankenstein


I have lost count, how many times mankind has been on the verge of annihilation by natural, supernatural, or extra-terrestrial forces, but each time it has become progressively more spectacular than the last.
I, Frankenstein is no different. Fast paced, architectural grandeur, visual splendor, crisp editing (1hr 35mins), the movie hits all the secondary notes right. Acting??? Not so much.
But then again, one doesn’t expect Oscar worthy performances in a movie about demons and gargoyals. Every character is very one dimensional.
I respect Bill Nighy, but chick suited demon head — he is not scary enough.
For a Tuesday special 5$ deal, it’s worth a watch.
If People’s Magazine existed 200 years ago, it might have voted Aaron Echart The Sexiest Dead-man Alive. After watching this movie, no one will ever say about a hideous man “He looks like Frankestein.”


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