Here we go again…Uganda’s anti-homosexuality bill a.k.a “Kill The Gays” bill which was first introduced by Ugandan MP David Bahati in 2009 went in the back burner when the parliament was adjourned last May without deciding the fate of the bill, has now been re-introduced this Tuesday in the parliament.

Among other inhuman punishments against LGBT people in the country, the most controversial was the death penalty for active homosexuals living with HIV or in cases of same-sex rape. If people continue to have homosexual sex, which is termed in the bill as “Serial Offenders”, would face death penalty too.

The bill would also put people behind bars irrespective of gay or straight, for up to three years if they fail to report within 24 hours the identities of anyone they know who is LGBT, or who supports the human rights of people who are.

The bill has been strongly critisized by other leading nations including US and after the huge condemnation from the rest of the world and LGBT and human rights activists, Bahati informed the death penalty clause has been dropped from the original bill. Although an amended bill has not been published.

In support of the bill Bahati said, it will help protect the children of his country who are apparently in danger from the gays.

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