News and social media is rife with the latest government decision to ban hijab in public, during citizenship ceremony etc.

Religious liberty, one should be allowed to follow their religion without the government interfearing, its discrimination against one religion, against women etc. etc. etc. and the list goes on.

A nun is allowed to wear her habit then why a muslim not her hijab? Good question. When was the last time you saw a nun serving you dinner at a restaurant, or cashing your cheque at your bank? Its safe to assume, never.

When one is an immigrant, he/she needs to adopt and accept the rules and regulations, norms and customs of the country they CHOSE to immigrate to. The emphasis is on the word CHOSE. No one forced us to come here. It was our choice.

When we immigrate, the country allows us to come over, gives us permission to live and work and allows us to enjoy all the benifits others are getting. All these things are given to us. Its a priviledge and not a birth right. As an immigrant we should be grateful that the country has given whatever we have been given. At times maybe one can request, but never demand.

I am amazed and horrified everytime I hear, Sikhs demanded their place of worship and revolted against the government, few objected at having Christ’s picture in school etc, etc and the government gives in to every demand.

If Canadian government is not careful, we immigrants will turn this beautiful country into one of the third world country very soon.

Our own country of origin even don’t allow a lot of things, we want the Canadian government to say ok to. A Sikh with turban and beard , a muslim with a hijab, a hindu in his/her traditional clothing at a 5 star hotel front desk are not allowed. We couldn’t do much about it. Couldn’t say discrimination as the rules were made by our own people. In flights, schools, offices a Sikh is not allowed to carry the dagger that their religion requires them to.

We hindus cannot walk into a corporate office with “kumkum”  the red religious dot on the forehead.

But here we can always play the discrimination card. This word has become more deadly than even a nuclear bomb. Canada is too scared to offend people, too interested in being politically correct, and cannot put their foot down where it is really needed. And we are taking advantage and exploiting the goodness of the government.

Lets see if it works the other way round too. Unfortunately not.  Richard Gere came under fire and found himself slapped with a lawsuite for kissing a Bollywood actress on camera. Tons of Americans and Europeans have been harassed, charged for kissing their partners in public in muslim countries. They don’t care. Their motto is if someone is in their country, he/she needs to follow their rules. Hindu women working in the middle-east HAVE to were a hijab, although its not required in their religion.

Loved it when Australian prime minister Julia Gillard said, “IMMIGRANTS, NOT AUSTRALIANS, MUST ADAPT.”

“This is our country, our land and our lifestyle, and we will allow you every opportunity to enjoy all this. But once you are done complaining, whining, and griping about Our Flag, Our Pledge, Our Christian beliefs, or Our Way of Life, I highly encourage you take advantage of one other great Australian freedom, THE RIGHT TO LEAVE.”

Waiting for the day when Canada would have the balls to say the same thing. Canada needs to wake up before it is too late.


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