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Jackie Shroff, one of the leading mainstream actor in Bollywood who have been in the industry for 28 years has come out as gay. He is the 1st mainstream actor to come out.

He is married to Ayesha Dutt who is also a producer and has two children.

After decades of speculations about his sexuality on the sole basis of the series of movies he did in his initial years with Anil Kapoor can now be put to rest. Rumors were ripe regarding Anil Kapoor’s sexuality when after Jackie,  Anupam Kher started starring in almost all his movies.

It takes a lot of courage to come out and more so when someone has been perceived as a macho alpha male actor in mainstream cinema for almost 3 decades and not to mention having a wife and grown up kids.

We wish him all the best.



Apparently Jackie who is in Mysore now for shooting, is denying ever giving an interview where he declared he is gay.

Here is the excerpt from the Daily News and Analysis ( DNA ) news report. Speculations are, it was a cheap publicity stunt.


Comments on: "Jackie Shroff comes out as Gay: Or Not" (2)

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  2. we like anil kapoor that he is a gay icon.pls send his email address.

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