Ontario PCs latest flyer just days before the election hits the gay community below the belt.

Politics is always dirty, full of lies, eye wash, cover up and false hopes and promises. But this is absolutely disgraceful, tasteless and downright spiteful. Playing on parental emotions, this below flyer may not fly high on its goal achievement, nonetheless the desperation of Tim Hudak is evident. But just not alienating the entire LGBT community but also using them for such a vile campaign… makes me wonder how smart a move is it.

But again, Rob Ford won inspite of his blatant homophobia. His win may have actually made others realize that to win an election, they don’t need the votes of the queer community. And if that’s true, its very disturbing indeed. Partly we are to be blame too. Most of us don’t care to vote. So people like Ford win uncontested. From Toronto’s angle, it will be interesting to see how homophobic leaders in 3 levels will affect our lives.

We already have Ford as mayor. God forbid if we get someone like Hudak as premier and then we already have Harper sitting on the throne. We might as well pack our backs and claim refugee status in Uganda.

A few months back, I think during one of the council elections, one of the candidates came knocking at my door and handed in his flyer and asked me to consider him when voting. I wish Hudak would do that too. But I don’t think he will dare to go door door with that flyer specially in the gay village and neighbourhood.


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