‘Would you consider yourself to be a member of the LGBT community?’

Elmhurst college is the first to ask students to disclose their sexual orientation while applying for admission.

I was a bit apprehensive about the whole thing, trying to figure out what was the motive behind such a step. But reading in detail, I must say I am pleasantly surprised at such a stance taken by the college.

No one is required to answer the question, however if anyone answers with an YES, he/she maybe eligible for a scholarship that would pay upto a third of the tuition fee.

“Increasing diversity is part of our mission statement,” Rold told the Chicago Sun-Times. “This is simply closing the loop, in many ways, of another group who has a very strong identity. It may not be race and religion, but it’s an important part of who they are.”

Elmhurst is a private Liberal Arts college and has 3300 students and affiliated with the United Church of Christ.

The idea of directly asking a student about their sexual orientation is novel, to say the least however, it is to be seen how it goes down with students and parents. Students getting in a college knowing that the college embraces them for what they are, with no judgement or discrimination should leave them relaxed and bring the best out of them academically.

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