The lawsuit brought about by Catholic Charities against the state of Illinois regarding adoption services for same-sex couples in civil unions reached its verdict.

The Sangamon County  judge ruled that the state has the right to discontinue its charity to the organization which they were getting for the contract the organization had with the State Department of Children and Family Services.

When civil unions became the law this year in Illinois, the state department had informed Catholic Charities that they will not renew the contract as Catholic Charities refused service to same-sex couples in civil unions. The organization gets about $30 million dollars in sate funding.

They sued the state stating the drying out of this funding will cripple them and they would be forced to shut down their services.

Judge Schmidt ruled that although Catholic Charities was in this service for over 40 years, the state in no way is legally bound to renew the contract and the organization doesn’t have the ‘right’ to a contract with the government, no matter how useful and beneficial the services maybe.

For more details you can check LGBTQNATION’s blog.


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