Brian Brown from National Organization for Marriage (NOM) appeared on Fox News yesterday to talk about why same-sex marriage does not measure up to marriage between opposite sex. He actually tweeted that he would be appearing in the show and was very proud of it. Little did he know what was in store for him.

His arguments did not convince the host. At one point when he talks about how marriage is true and good and beautiful and one can hear the distinct laughter coming from the audience. Maybe he should try a new course of argument and not always go down the beaten track of the “future of kids” argument.

I am really surprised a FOX Business News host was so evidently there to strike down every argument of Brian and apparently supporting David, theĀ libertarian spokes person, considering Fox is famous for it anti-gay talk shows.

See and enjoy the video here. Thanks again for Joe.My.God. for providing it.


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