Adam Carolla went on an anti-gay rant in his ‘Adam Carolla Show’ last week.

He said in his podcast that LGBT people are ruining his life and should shut up from talking about equality. He even had a suggestion for us. We should change LGBT to YUCK.

Then he threw a punch at the transgender community  by saying, “When did we start giving a shit about these people?”

I have never seen any of his comedy shows ever. But I know of him from Dancing With The Stars. And if my memory serves me right, he was under fire even in that show for opening his big mouth and saying something offensive. He really has a big mouth, literally and figuratively.

Its really funny and disgusting when it all goes down the same way from there on. The LGBT organizations hold these comedians responsible and the comedians in turn always say the same thing. That they are sorry IF their comments have hurt anybody (as if they didn’t know it would) and they are just comedians and not politicians so are not always politically correct.

From when being a comedian is a free pass at hurting people’s feeling. There is just a handful of politicians and the rest of the population in this world are just people. So by his excuse, we can all go around talking crap about people because none of us are politicians.

Flashback on one of his comments on Loveline  where he claimed gay parents are not as good as straight parents. What gives a comedian the right to make such comments. He said himself that he is a comedian. So he should make jokes and not pass his personal thoughts and judgments to others.

Their apology holds no meaning. They very well know what they are talking about when they all do these skits. If they are not pulled up for these, they just keep on  doing it and the moment they are challenged, they promptly apologize, as if just saying sorry is enough. They never mean it. They would do it again if they are sure they can get away with it. If morally they don’t see it to be wrong, just a verbal apology is useless.

Shame on him and his kind.


Comments on: "Another comedian spews hate.. Adam Carolla" (2)

  1. Jerry Dallas said:

    Haha, Adam carolla rocks. Maybe you should stop giving a shit what people think. There are worse people out there as far as LGBT community goes.

  2. Comedians, like every other form of entertainment are able to be “turned off” if you don’t enjoy it. Complaining about and judging anything that can be turned off is a clear indication that you have too much time on your hands. If you don’t like it, or don’t agree with what someone says, then don’t listen, turn it off, and do something that could actually initiate change. Whining fixes nothing. I support Adam’s right to free speech as I support your right to live your life anyway that you want under our existing laws. Be glad that you live in a country where your personal choices are at the very least tolerated. You can’t have that choice if Adam doesn’t have the choice to make fun of it.

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