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FRC: White House doing “It Gets Better” video is ‘disgusting’

Family Research Council‘s latest resort to get donation. As per Tony Perkins, anti-bullying efforts are ‘disgusting’. The White House making a “It Gets Better” video is deplorable.  As per him, true Christian kids have the right to bully and bash LGBT kids whenever and wherever they can get the chance.

Just when you thought the religious fascists could sink no lower.

Attached script from Joe.My.God.


Michele Bachmann: This is absolutely priceless. A must watch

This is hilarious and alarmingly true. Michele Bachmann has no clue how disastrously ill-informed and idiot she projects herself.

“Carbon dioxide is portrayed as harmful. It is a harmless gas.” Really???? Is she for real???

The scary part is, she is “running” for president.

Enjoy the video and have a good laugh.

Illinois state rules against Catholic Charities on adoption lawsuit

The lawsuit brought about by Catholic Charities against the state of Illinois regarding adoption services for same-sex couples in civil unions reached its verdict.

The Sangamon County  judge ruled that the state has the right to discontinue its charity to the organization which they were getting for the contract the organization had with the State Department of Children and Family Services.

When civil unions became the law this year in Illinois, the state department had informed Catholic Charities that they will not renew the contract as Catholic Charities refused service to same-sex couples in civil unions. The organization gets about $30 million dollars in sate funding.

They sued the state stating the drying out of this funding will cripple them and they would be forced to shut down their services.

Judge Schmidt ruled that although Catholic Charities was in this service for over 40 years, the state in no way is legally bound to renew the contract and the organization doesn’t have the ‘right’ to a contract with the government, no matter how useful and beneficial the services maybe.

For more details you can check LGBTQNATION’s blog.

NOM’s “successful” Valuebus tour in IOWA

National Organization for Marriage (NOM) like last year, did their Values Voter Bus tour through the state of IOWA. They proudly announced that they covered 22 cities and more than 1300 miles in 5 days.

Brian Brown had been tweeting for sometime, congratulating everybody who made this event a “success’. And by doing that he redefined “success.” He was not satisfied by just congratulating the 20 people who made it a “success” but went to to release this video. Whatever was left to imagination, before, is not for everyone to see.

There are few shots of 10 to 15 people spread out in front of the bus to make it look like there were tons of people attending the events. You can see kids between the age of 5 and 10 holding up banners. What do they know of marriage and NOM?

Most of the video is focused on the the speakers like Rick Santorum but the camera doesn’t move from their face to the audience so that we can get a clear view of how many were in actual attendance. They could be speaking to an empty venue/lawn for all we know.

Brian Brown laughed at in Fox interview

Brian Brown from National Organization for Marriage (NOM) appeared on Fox News yesterday to talk about why same-sex marriage does not measure up to marriage between opposite sex. He actually tweeted that he would be appearing in the show and was very proud of it. Little did he know what was in store for him.

His arguments did not convince the host. At one point when he talks about how marriage is true and good and beautiful and one can hear the distinct laughter coming from the audience. Maybe he should try a new course of argument and not always go down the beaten track of the “future of kids” argument.

I am really surprised a FOX Business News host was so evidently there to strike down every argument of Brian and apparently supporting David, the libertarian spokes person, considering Fox is famous for it anti-gay talk shows.

See and enjoy the video here. Thanks again for Joe.My.God. for providing it.

BREAKING: No deportation of bi-national couples unless they are a security threat

On Auguest 18th, the Obama administration has announced, all deportation cases of foreign nationals would be stalled unless the individual is a security threat to the country, or repeat immigration law violaters. This includes bi-national same-sex couples too.

The policy was introduced by Janet Nepolitano, Homeland Security Secretary to the Senate leader Harry Reid. The full letter can be viewed here.

As a result of this new policy, hopefully the danger of deportation that was looming on Anthony John Makk who is of Australian nationality and married to Bradford Wells, might just disappear. The couples predicament was covered by CNN and a detail of the interview can be found here.

A more detailed analysis of the proposed policy has been covered by Gay City News. Here is the link to their blog post.

Same-sex bi-national legally married couples, previously were not recognized by the administration on the basis of Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). This is going to change as per this new policy, which is a huge relief.

Michele Bachmann: Skeletons and carcasses spilling everywhere from her closet

Another scoop about ‘Oh so ChristianMichele Bachmann who is “running for the presidency of the United States“. How far do you wanna run, lady?

Here is the link from Joe.My.God. blog post. That explains everything. Forward this to as many people and social networks as you possible can. Let the people know.

As she says she is “running”… instead of ‘for’ it should be ‘from’ the Presidency. As far as her rickety legs would carry her away from The White House.

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