Stephen Bennett on Joy Behar show claimed that he used to be gay but chose to leave that life behind and is now straight with a wife and family.

He repeatedly said that homosexuality was not a choice. Atleast we will give him credit for that. He said when he was with men, he did not consciously choose to be with them. That’s how he felt and he acted on those feelings.

Now the really funny part. He decided at one point that being gay was self destructive for him so he chose to opt out of sleeping with men and started dating woman and eventually got married. So what he is saying in other words is, he didn’t choose to be gay but he definitely chose to be straight. As if that is possible.

Why not just admit that he is bi-sexual. He had his fun with men, then under societal pressure he at that time did the right thing, got married had kids. Now once his wife hit menopause if she hasn’t already, and her sexual drive declines, he will be looking for guys again. That’s how it works always.

I just hope his sake and his family’s sake, when he does start sleeping with guys again, he doesn’t get caught. He wouldn’t have had this problem if he had declared at the onset that he was bi-sexual. He has dug his own grave.


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