I have been thinking whether I really want to write about GHANA’s preposterous measure to smoke the gays out and arrest them.

Somewhere, it doesn’t make sense to me. After all that happened in Uganda, it seems really unlikely that another state would go ahead and publicly announce the same thing. Knowing clearly well what the aftermath will be specially now that UN has allowed admission of  International Gay and Lesbian Association (IGLA) as an NGO.

Does the term any publicity is good publicity apply for countries too?

The motion is Western Region Minister Paul Aidoo’s brain child. Although its still not clear what he proposes to do once the gays are arrested. Needless to say his moved is strongly supported and backed by the Christian Council of Ghana.

It would be interesting to see how this plays out. And if they really follow through with this, how the state plans to survive if all aids are withheld by UN as a result of this atrocity.


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